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At the Movies

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I went to the movies tonight, wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, and--for the first time--a diaper, which I then proceeded to soak. At one point I was so convinced it was leaking that I got up and waddled to the nearest washroom for an inspection...and was pleasantly surprised to find that my Abri-Form Air Plus was holding strong. And so I waddled back in and kept on wearing and watching and wetting; now I'm at home, lying on my bed, wearing a hoodie, a thick pair of wool socks, and the same diaper I've been wearing for the past four hours. It's soaked. Is there a better place to be than home in warm clothes and a wet diaper? Right now, I'm having trouble thinking of one.

I love wearing diapers--and now, for the first time, I think I love that I love diapers. It's been a long process. I know acceptance is something most of us have struggled with, and I've certainly spent my share of time ruing the fact that I love diapers even as I couldn't stop wearing them. But I'm getting there. I've started keeping diapers in my underwear drawer; at this point I'm wearing often enough that it's simply practical, and certainly much easier than constantly rifling under my bed for a fresh one. I could never wear 24/7. For one, I think I'd stop loving diapers quite as much if I did, and besides I hate messing too much to really ever contemplate it. But acceptance--that's 24/7 in its own right. It's accepting who I am and what I love, and realizing that, quite apart from defining me, being a diaper lover's just one more little quirk that makes me, me.

The night's still young. I've got a lot of wearing (and, hopefully, wetting) left. Have a wonderful evening, everyone.

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