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Holiday season is here

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Hello I'm really excited that Christmas is round the corner! Even though my family doesn't celebrate it at all, I really really really like Christmas, why? I've been listening to the Christmas stations on tunein radio app for the past 3 days already

Christmas songs are really really nice and it brings out the festival mood. I've spent my nursary and kindergarten at a prestyberian pre school so we've been taught to sing some of the famous Christmas songs, thus bringing me back to that time, reminiscing the past besides that, it was on the year 2009 or 2010 couldn't remember which, I was at hongkong Disney land during the Christmas season. It was over there that I truly felt the magic of Christmas. Really magical :3

Recently I've been busying with my studies as there's a test tomorrow but I am also currently working on a story(furry) which I intend to post it here by Christmas Eve hopefully do keep a lookout

Well I guess this will end my blog entry, would like to start on the Christmas food part but... I'm too lazy :p just not that I watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay shows, so I'll be talking about his recipes and dishes mainly HAHAHAHA!

Alright that's it!

Have a wonderful night you lots:3


  1. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    and i thought i was the only one who liked to listen to Holiday music on the radio.
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