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After a few months without...

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So after a few months of distance from the ABDL community and a readily available supply of diapers, due to work, I find myself pondering what I learned from my time being diapered 24/7.

1st major lesson was accepting myself. Yes I wear diapers, this makes me different than most around me and is often seen in a darker light of acceptability within social society. Being in a business where reputation is a major factor, I commonly found myself wondering "If I am caught what will I do, how will I deal with this?" In the end, I found that despite my anxiety there was no good way around it. If someone asked I will happily explain to them my need for their use and if they can't accept that it's not my problem. It was only after accepting the change in myself that I was able to get rid of my anxiety.

2nd major lesson was learning to cut costs by scrounging thrift stores and stocking up on diapers as well as fabric to make cloth diapers. With the fabric I did the research and found what was being used for baby diapers. Birdseye, gauze, flannel, etc. and started keeping an eye out for them at the thrift stores, flannel was in decent supply but I ended up just buying several yards of gauze and making flats and prefolds. Which subsequently meant that I had to learn to sew, which wasn't too hard to pick up. I now make my own clothes both formal work and abdl clothing (still working on some patterns for the abdl stuff). Learning to do this enabled me to make cloth diapers obviously, which meant I didn't have to restock disposables as frequently. Why not cloth all the time? Well, I prefer disposables in certain work environments. Which bring me to the:

3rd major lesson, doublers are a necessity when using disposables. I usually try the latest and greatest when it comes to diaper crazes. And what I have found is that while I love the feeling of lets say bambinos, I only wear them at home, they are thick and perfect to lounge around in. But for the cheap person that I am, I don't make it a habit of wearing my nice expensive diapers about. Instead I just buy the plastic backed economy diapers like depends and add a size 6 baby diaper that I have removed the elastic and tabs from - and added a couple of slits into the backing to make a doubler.

4th major lesson I am going to say was dealing with smell after removal, specifically of messy diapers. This is where the power of plastic grocery bags came into focus for disposables specifically. I would put them in a plastic bag then depending on other circumstances either put them immediately in my trash outside or into a small trashcan that I took our every couple of days. As for the cloth, I have another small trashcan that has a vinegar/water mix I put used diapers in between washes. Without fear of anyone else getting into my stuff this worked well for me.

5th major lesson was hydration, while this was beat into me with my time in the military. Being dehydrated is nothing short of bad. Now I'm not talking pounding a 44oz cup of soda at lunch, I am talking about that mysterious 8oz of water 8 times a day. This helps cut down the smell of urine, will help with BM consistency, and is in general good for you. If you are taking in a known amount of liquid at a known rate it also helps you plan for diaper changes.

Those are the major points, I feel like sharing the rest are just quick pointers.

1: Have a "Diaper bag"

I always have a backpack with me, whatever works for you works. I always have 3 diapers, 3 doublers, wipes, baby powder, and a handful of plastic bags in a secondary pouch in my bag. I have a small hiking pack that has 3 compartments. The main one I put whatever I need for the day like my notebook, camera, and/or art pad, the second one has all of my diapering stuff and the third one is pretty small so it usually holds my pens, pencils, phone, anything else that is small like a paci from time to time.

2: Sleeping

In my case going to sleep with a diaper on wasn't the easiest thing to do. I spent many nights tossing and turning trying to find a relaxed position. While I would eventually fall asleep it took on a few occasion a couple hours to actually get comfortable enough to sleep with one on. I found the thicker the diaper the harder it was for me to sleep. Which leads to

3: Waking up

Seems straight forward, but being new to the diapering at night thing I wasn't all that aware that a diaper will stretch over night. Makes sense really, but I just hadn't thought about it. Refastening isn't usually needed but some re-positioning usually is. It is also hard to break the habit of just letting loose at first morning wetting. I flooded many a diapers before learning this. Between 2 & 3 some would say whats the point of wearing at night? I had even thought this once. I am not a bedwetter, but damned be my luck the first time I didn't wear my diaper to bed I was. No clue as to why it happened.

4: Wardrobe

Like I said for a long while I was really anxious that someone was going to call me out for wearing diapers. Seeing as many of my clothes are tailored to my size. The added diaper seemed to be ridiculously obvious. Before I got to the state of mind that I don't care if anyone asks, I put a diaper on and headed to the thrift shop. I tried a couple different waste sizes above my normal size and found that with a diaper they fit great and didn't seem to be as obvious. Which then brought me to the crinkle, this was simple to overcome. I put my keys on a carabiner and hung them from a belt loop. At work the environment is usually too loud for the crinkle to be heard. When it could though by letting my keys dangle the crinkle was covered up. Leaks, this is a concern that can be combated by understanding your body, drinking fluids at a regular rate, and wearing darker colors. I also always had a water bottle with me I could blame if I needed too.

5: Bathing

I am a shower person myself, but I added in a weekly bath. This served a few purposes. It gave me a reason to relax in hot water, since I don't have a hot tub any more. Which gives me just as much reason to light some incense and do a relaxation meditation. The other side is to soak in baking soda. Which helps the body to detoxify which does a few things for us diapered folk. By detoxifying the body you can help lessen the intensity of the smell of urine and BM's, it helps cut down on any residual smells that may have "soaked" into the skin, and it also helps fight diaper rash.

6: Air time/Supplements

This kind of contradicts the 24/7 concept BUT it is important for the gentlemen. Being wrapped up in a diaper for extended periods of time can raise the average temperature of the testes, which can lead to sterility issues. So, there are a couple things you can do. Get some non-diapered air time to help them cool off a bit. Another thing you can look into is adding a zinc and vitamin c supplement. The zink supplement (100mg to 200mg) increases testosterone which in turn increasing sperm count and motility. The Vitamin C (2,000 to 6,000 mg daily) helps prevent sperm from clumping or sticking together. Other nutrients that can help are essential fatty acids (9 to 12 grams daily), chromium (1,000 mcg daily), selenium (200 mcg daily), copper (2 mg daily), vitamin E (800 IU daily), coenzyme Q10 (400 mg daily) and B-complex vitamins (50 mg daily), vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg daily) as well as the amino acid, Arginine, which the body produces from the digestion of protein mostly found in nuts, chocolate, meat, poultry, fish and dairy.

~With that said, I am not a doctor, I would consult one before adding any supplements to your diet. Figures based on research by Dr. Zoltan Rona.


I am going to be getting back into the 24/7 diapering near the end of the month.

My goals this time around are to learn how to make my own diaper covers.
Perfect the art of sewing onesies and footed sleepers.
Learn to make plushies and teddy bears. (I also want to find the proportions to emulate a teddy bear's size to a baby and use it to make an AB proportioned version)
At some point I also want to (I'm thinking screen printing) make some MLP printed AIO, pocket-diapers, and maybe some printed diaper covers, and onesies for both babies and adults. Which I hope Hasboro will sign off on.


I also have an account up and running now which allows for anonymous questions. You can find it under my signature. I will probably only check it once a week unless I get a ton of questions.

As I learn more and begin perfecting my designs I will be posting tutorials and patterns.

On the side of entertainment, I have recently started playing Elsword and Path of Exile on the PC. If you want to hook up on either of those send me a PM.


If you have any habits or pointers for those looking to go 24/7 please leave a comment. I know there is stuff I probably missed.
Be Well, Stay Padded, Thanks for reading.

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