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A crisis..... averted

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So, last week I made two orders

* One to for 2 onesies, 1 blue, one white

* One to Jumpin' Jammerz for a Pirate Pajamas.

Please know that both orders came fast as hell, like... less than a week. Thats where the problem comes in... the shipping. I paid for 2 day shipping with jumpin jammerz and they were set to come in this past tuesday. And when they didn't it kind of worried me, but not much since they only ship on certain days of the week. I was really watching the Onesie order though, for the obvious reasons. I didnt want another person in my apt. building getting my package and opening it, the people here are stupid like that. Anyway, and yesterday, I saw that my order had reached the city post office, and was going to be delivered.

So I checked the mailbox often. Come 5 o'clock when the mailman came, I checked my box, nothing but junk mail. So I assume that it just got stuck at the post office, whatever. So later that night I checked my tracking information on the package only to find that it was delivered at 4 that afternoon when the mailman came. So I scrambled out to the mailbox only to find nothing... I called USPS and emailed safecomfort, sure that I was fucked out of 50 dollars. Which, it was late at night and no one was open so I just let it go until this morning. When I realized I hadnt recieved my Jammerz either, I called them, where I spoke to the owner, and he was AWESOME. Really, they have the most awesome customer service. He said since my order was insured, if I couldnt get a hold of my shipment, he would be willing to rush me another one, even one of greater value. So that made me feel better about it. So, I went to check with my apt manager to see if they knew anything about a package coming.

When I walk into the office, the lady at the desk says "Hey, you have two packages" And there I saw them both sitting nicely on the floor. The maintenance guy saw the mailman put my safecomfort package on the doorstep on my apt, and picked it up so no one else would take it. And they were so busy, that the manager forgot to tell me when I came by yesterday that I had that other package that came on Tuesday.

So I happily grabbed them both and came home to try on my Jammerz, and I'll try on my Onesie when i go out today to run errands.. =3

Also, I got drunk last night, woot

Yes, I am drinking a homeade frozen margarita out of a candy dish.

I'm that awesome


  1. Tafshin's Avatar
    Ha, I was drunk after, I spilt the second glass

    And the onesie is awesome I might add. Its a small and its still pretty big on me. A bigger diaper should solve that. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.