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1 AM musings

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1 AM is so peaceful.

I just got off of an hour-long conference call with Moo and some other staff members, starting to learn about this new position I've signed on for. I knew I needed to volunteer to do it as soon as Moo threatened to close the Stories Forum, and it is (choose your sports metaphor) an easy layup after a full court breakaway / a fat pitch straight down the middle of the plate / an empty net right in front of me with the puck on my stick / a back-door tap-in goal after a perfect pass / a walk-in touchdown after a perfect pass... In other words, it's something I should be able to do well because it's what I do.

I'm a writer. I'm a teacher of writing. So...moderating a writing forum? I should be able to do that, right?

I think I might just be out of my mind.

Sure, no prob: I'll just add more stuff to my overcrowded plate. :-) What the hell did you just do??? my mind cries out in protest. A thousand times I've told you: take things away; no one ever said add new things. My mind thinks it's pretty smart, and maybe it is, but that doesn't mean I actually listen to it. Nope: like most people, I do most of my best work with my brain conveniently turned off. It's my default position. And apparently it was in that position that I came to the conclusion that a purple name was worth tons of extra work. :-)

(Who am I kidding? OF COURSE it is! Purple has always been my favorite color!)

So it's after 1 AM, and I am enjoying the silence. But I have to go to sleep soon, and then I have to wake up. And then it will not be silent any longer. I'll have my purple name and a ton of stories to read and think about. And my cats. And my kids. And my school work. And the book I'm writing. And...

(Is this how stress begins?)




  1. oleman72's Avatar
    Congrats on your new job and wish you all the success in the stories section.
  2. daLira's Avatar
    Nighthawk Kerry ;), but well... the night has it's charms sometimes. Also especially for a short résumé.

    Don't stress yourself too much, I think you will surely find the right... pace to get things done, without being occupied the whole time.

    And hey! Now we probably have the best story mod in the whole scene. A teacher of writing ain't bad!
  3. Adventurer's Avatar
    Gee, I miss one day on here and we get a new purple people eater. Thank you, Kerry! You're a perfect choice for story mod - the English teacher resume doesn't hurt, but more importantly you're a talented writer, and someone who puts a ton of effort into this forum. Seriously, even your little posts are essays! You've got the expertise and the dedication to do this, and I think you'll be great at it.

    It'll be fun, too, I imagine, getting to work with writers on their writing. Although scrubbing off the one-hand wonder stories may be challenging, so thank you in advance for that. Thanks in general, too. It's a big commitment, but it means a lot to everyone who reads the Story forum. You're the right person for the job, and if you ever need to unload, we're all here.

    Good luck, and thanks again!
  4. foxkits's Avatar
    Thank you for shure Im glad you stepped up if there is any support i can give i will :-)
  5. Beloney's Avatar
    Congrats! And yes this is how stress starts. Thank you for stepping up!
  6. kerry's Avatar
    Hi and thank you all for your well wishes!

    You know, my favorite part of teaching is working with writers. I've actually been working with one writer on his story for a few days now, helping to get him to be in compliance with the rules. It's been fun because he's willing and even excited about the changes he is making. I'm sure it won't all be beer and skittles, but starts out well, anyway.

    Now, , if I can just keep that amazing hot streak (of like one thread) going, I'll be ​super!
  7. egor's Avatar
    Congradulations. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.