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Flogging Molly Concert

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Yeah, so last night the band Flogging Molly was in town so me and two of my buddies went down to see them. The second opening band was amazing! Kinda like a cajun rock band, but there was only a guitar player who played bass at the same time on his guitar, a washboard player and a drummer. So then Flogging Molly finally came out and the crowd goes wild, but I gotta tell you, they know how rock pretty damn hard (while having a violin and a flute player!). Everyone was going crazy throwing full cups of beer over the crowd, and just having a great time. This concert was indoors, and it was packed for such a small place! By the time we left, we were covered in other people's beer, sweat and other stuff (ewww!). My hearing is still recovering because it so loud in there, but who cares the music was f***ing great

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