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Feeling confused

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I'm at a place with my fetish that I've been to countless times, and that I can never seem to override.

This fetish is most confusing for me because I know that humans, be it man or woman, are here because of sex. No matter what your spiritual background may be, it's common sense that one of the most important aspects of being alive is becoming one with the your second half. Whether you want love involved or not is up to you, but it's still important to engage with your animal body, and the animal body of another.

So then why does my body like diapers?? I've always divided my sexual understanding between women and diapers, but the same sexual urge is engaged by both of them. Hence, I become really confused when my urge to wear diapers comes up.

I've explored this as much as I could on a mental level, even a spiritual level, but I cannot deny that this is a physical occurrence. And that's the part that gets to me...I want to engage my sexuality with someone I care for so that all the levels of connection are there, but I DON'T want to engage it with some dead weight strapped to my waist.

Not only that, but I'm still a little too scarred from my experience with my suicidal sister to really want to let anyone in. I attracted social anxiety after being fearful for my sister's life every day, and I took that fear out with me to school and other social gatherings of different sorts. I still don't have a general trust for anyone, except for one individual who I knew of in high school, and who I recently starting chatting with after class.

But even that isn't going anywhere emotionally because she doesn't want it to. I've thought about my intentions of talking to her, and I realize that I just wanted to make a friend, and she gave off a lonely vibe. So I thought, "hey, let's be lonely and awkward together, and maybe we'll learn about ourselves."

The problem is that I cannot get her to talk about anything personal at all, and it's probably due to the fact that she has a boyfriend. But I don't want to steal her or anything, I just want to earn her trust. Around here in the Bible Belt, most women don't know what the fuck it means to have a male friend who isn't interested in sex, and neither do most of the men. I won't lie, she is attractive, but I doubt I would ever act on any urges, simply because I KNOW they're not how I truly feel about her. She's just a chick who's as discontent with life as I am, and I want to explore that similarity more. And I know she wants a's an intuitive gut feeling I got every time I saw her.

I've been told to be patient and to let it grow...but damn it, I've been through too much to wait any longer for an opportunity to connect with a woman like this. I haven't had a single female friend since I moved here, and back when I did, it was fantastic! I just want to reestablish a connection like that with someone who wants it, but the more I try the more I fail. Damn this town!


  1. Marka's Avatar

    I think, in short...the diapers give you a safe, and satisfactory receptacle for the animal side...while keeping you from acting like an animal towards other humans. You may have a bit of a climb left at 20-years old...before the animal within gives you sufficient reprieve.

    It's purely speculation on my part, as the intricacies of sexuality can be so numerous...and, we haven't any of us in all of our ages...any real solid basis for this sort of thing...

    Perhaps, you'll be a front-runner for the new relations in the bible-belt...

    Tame the the butterfly...

    With respect...and, until or unless i can come up with something better...
  2. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Thanks, Marka. I have actually come up with that very conclusion, what with letting diapers be a reprieve for my animal side, which most people don't believe I even have. I tend to have almost no sex appeal toward anyone, and it's pretty much because I'm scared of getting too close. It's always been an issue in my life, but recent circumstances have amplified my usual fears, and given birth to new ones.

    I just don't know, man. I'm frustrated at how confused I am with myself. I'm definitely seeing improvement in my general behavior, but there's still some work that really needs to be done...and who knows if it will ever change? I guess the best I can do is adapt. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.