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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#40

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Here is what my resume looks like, that could not get me employed anywhere, doing anything at all:
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Versatile and adaptable Electronic Engineering Technician with experience working in a team-oriented environment and independently in assisting electrical and mechanical engineers in prototyping innovative new products from initial conception and transitioning them into full-scale manufacturing.


10/1995-10/2001 - Brooks Automation, Inc. - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Electronic Engineering Technician III
· Performed initial system integration, evaluation, and debugged new electrical and mechanical designs, and assisted in their transition from Design Engineering into Manufacturing under the directio SUMMARY
n of electrical and mechanical engineers.
· Assembled, tested, analyzed, debugged, and repaired to the component level analog/
digital systems, subsystems and subassemblies utilizing multimeters, oscilloscopes, digital logic
analyzers, and audio/RF frequency signal sources.
· Designed low to medium complexity functional UUT (Unit Under Test) test fixtures and wrote test procedures for them.
· Designed the initial prototype electrical/electromechanical interconnection cables/wiring harnesses on the following Brooks Automation robotic products: TCM3C Wafer Substrate Cooling Station, 300mm FOUP (Front Opening Universal Pod) wafer substrate processing station loadport,
Aquatran 7/Accutran 7 CMP process wafer substrate handler robot, Accutran Series 8 CMP process wafer substrate handler robot. Magnatran 70 Flat Panel Display Glass Substrate Handler Robot.
· Supervised, organized, and allocated resources within an Alpha Engineering Design Lab
environment to insure that Electrical, Electronic, and Mechanical engineers have all the support
resources necessary to perform their creative work.
· Provided prompt and timely technical engineering assistance to Manufacturing Operations, and occasionally to end-user customers to solve minor routine manufacturing assembly, testing, and quality assurance problem issues.
· Interfaced with and developed professional working relationships with the outside subcontractors
where Brooks Automation “outsourced” cable/wiring harness/interconnection production and in the specialized technical area of European CE Mark Electrical immunity/safety compliance testing and verified that new engineering designs for electromechanical and electronic equipment were able to meet the heavy industrial CE Mark electrical immunity/safety standards.

2/1988-6/1992 - Raytheon, Inc., Missile Systems, Division - Lowell, Massachusetts
Layout Draftsman
· Originated, organized, assessed, and documented electronic and mechanical engineering
changes to exact Department of Defense documentation standards.
· Assisted electrical and mechanical engineers in investigating and resolving engineering change conflicts which affected electrical and mechanical hardware form, fit and/or function and manufacturing assembly and operational verification test procedures on the following air-to-air weapons systems: AIM-54C PHOENIX, AIM-120A AMRAAM, AIM-7M SPARROW, AIM-9M SIDEWINDER, XFIM-92C STINGER.

11/1986-10/1987 - Summa Four, Inc. - Manchester, New Hampshire
Electronic Test Technician B
· Performed the initial testing and debugging to the component level on telecommunications peripherals to set standards and procedures in a manufacturing environment.

4/1981-2/1982 - Gould, Inc. MODICON Division - Andover, Massachusetts
Field Service Engineering Technician III
· Evaluated, tested, debugged and repaired to the component level nonfunctional ”field return” industrial process control systems.
· Assisted in the setup and development of field service repair depot customer support for the MODICON 584 Programmable Logic Controller.

6/1978 - 2/1981GenRad, Inc. - Concord, Massachusetts
Automated Test Equipment Systems Integration Technician
· Performed the final system integration assembly, testing, calibration, and debugging to the component level on large, and complex Automated Test Systems used for performing functional and in-circuit testing of finished printed circuit boards.




1985- B.S., Electronic Engineering Technology, GPA 3.0
· Member of the Student Subchapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


· Photographing Agricultural Exhibitions, Indigenous Wildlife, and Landscapes.

· 2001-2004
Volunteer as a technical advisor and mentor to the FIRST Student Robotics Group of
Tyngsborough High School, Tyngsborough, MA, with their efforts in entering
and participating in Inventor Dean Kamen's FIRST Student Robot Design Competition.

· 2001-Present
Create and produce public-access programming for both Pelham Community Television’s CATV Channel 21 and Derry
Community Television’s CATV Channel 17.

Anyway, an Autistic with Cerebral Palsy like me is still seen as a "Stupid Mental Retard"...


  1. giantguy99's Avatar
    ok go get a lawyer because your being discriminated against due to disability. there is NO way any business in their right mind would turn you down with a education like that UNLESS they believed your disabilities where the problem. the law states that businesses are REQUIRED to REASONABLY accommodate your disabilities and that this cannot be the reason for not hiring you. that's right get a video recording device and record them saying things like that and bring it to a lawyer and sue them. i think you can reasonably be accommodated at this kind of work and they are just trying to make false excuses that might not hold up in court if you get video taped testimony to show the judge. just make sure that when they turn you down ask them in a non-violent and non-confrontational way why they are refusing to hire you. and make sure they are NOT aware you are recording their statements to put them at ease so they are more likely to make the mistake of giving you what you need to get a favorable ruling in the courthouse. ALWAYS i say again ALWAYS remember if this goes to court it's about what you can prove not what was done and it's really hard to argue with a video tape.
  2. acorn's Avatar
    Your CV; Some of what you say, I do understand and other parts are too trade specific and possibly unique to the named company. What I mean by that is, to whom are you selling yourself? Are they HR or fellow Technicians?

    My strong advice is that you go to somebody who is qualified to advise you on writing a CV and cover letter. I also advise you brush up on your interview skills, you need to update on the current interview questioning style.

    I feel you are selling yourself short by not showing clearly your strong points, and you are not reasonably accounting for breaks between jobs (ie, voluntary work or other non-paid commitments). You have been out of the loop for a few years now and your ability to sell yourself will have suffered as a result. I do think you have what it takes, especially when you put your mind to it. But I also think you need a little help to focus properly on your objective.

    I hope you might give what I've said some thought. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.