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My Brithday, The Holidays and all that stuff I don't really like that goes with it.

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Well a few days ago my real older brother called me and hinted at wanting to go to our mom's for thanksgiving and my 21st birthday which is on the 20th. Anyways I went to my brother's wedding back in July and considering I can't drive myself up to Oregon I would have to enlist my dad to drive yet again. Over the past 7 years I been to Oregon and back countless times. Its a long drive that takes about 7 hours and that's with good timing.

I don't like making my dad drive me up there that's why I am trying to get my license and my own car. I really feel sorry for my dad since he has to drive back down with only himself. Rarely does anyone want to take a "free" road trip and when they do they hate me and my dad's arguing. That and just being in a car road trip is tiring and somewhat boring.

Not only this but my little half brother is a gamer like me though not as smart nor mature. So I have to bring up my Wii every time to keep him happy and off my back plus my DS so me and him could link with ours. Not only this but my mom has a really shitty computer can't even play Morrorwind I bet so I naturally want to bring my gaming rig. That's a lot of stuff and that doesn't even count my clothing, shaving gel and all that shit.

When I get there its utter chaos in my head and I hate leaving my dad for such a long time since I pretty much have always lived with the guy. Anyways my mom and brother both want me to come up there for my brithday and thanksgiving and somewhere either before that or in between it will be the anniversary of my older sisters death. My mom is still sad over it even though its been a few years. I can understand that but really I hate being around her like that.

Anyways just going up to Oregon at least once if not twice every year is a damn drag. Plus I am not very social in real life (unlike online) so I really hate the people that use the holidays to be EXTRA social. Not to mention I can't really bring any of my TB stuff with me since I get to share a room with my little half brother so even my pacifier is out of the question.

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