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Matti's Little Adventures, part 1

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It's always a treat when you can have unbridled, unlimited little time. It seems that this can't happen enough. Last month, I went to my first littles munch. I had a wonderful time, but as the weeks went on, I found myself wondering if I was ever going to get together with any of my friends that I had met that day. One of them lives nearby, and he hit it off really well with both me and my husband. We had been texting but our schedules just didn't seem to line up.

Then last week he told me that his partner was coming down for the weekend, and would my hubby and I like to get together one day? Well, of course we would! Saturday couldn't get here fast enough. The whole week, anticipation building. Little headspace expanding. It was like waiting for Santa. But for all my excitement, Chris, my husband, had some reservations.

See, he is still new to the AB/little side of me. Hell, I'm still new to it. But, since we were going to meet someone new, there was a little hesitance and curiosity. Finally the day dawned and we met Andy, our friend, and his partner Mike, at a diner. We had a great breakfast and then went to a local mall. Not an upscale mall, this was a small one that time seems to have forgotten. We spent a couple hours here looking through a store that sold all kinds of old toys and antiques. As record collectors, Chris and I were amazed at the number of crates full of albums there were to pick through. We spent an hour in that place alone. On the way out there was a table set up in the corridor that had secondhand plushies for sale. I found a really cute polar bear and adopted him on the spot!

After stopping at the grocery store to pick up stuff to make for dinner, we went back to Andy's place. Andy and I were both in need of a change. His partner took care of him and I changed myself (Chris isn't quite ready for that yet). But, before that happened I saw Andy's playpen. This wasn't a large scale playpen, either. Once we were both fresh and dry, Andy showed me how it worked. He just loaded it up with stuffies and blankies and climbed in! After a while he got out and invited me to try it. Now, I'm a big guy, and this is a playpen made for infants and toddlers. So, it's pretty small. I got in, shifted about till I got kinda comfortable, and then- out like a light. I could hear the others talking but once I got into a certain position, had my binky and new stuffie and a pile of others under blankets, I racked out hard!

Woke up a half hour later thirsty, so Andy asked me if I wanted to try out a bottle. Well, no turning back now, haha. Was just water but I enjoyed it. Chris, who had some last vestiges of resistance, fully accepted my littlehood then and there.

As the day turned to night, I also tried on my first full footed sleeper since I was 4. I made dinner for everyone and napped twice more in the playpen. I went through another Abena and got changed this time. And when it came to put on my big boy clothes and come home, I didn't want to. The kind of peace and contentment I felt, it hasn't happened before. There was nothing like it. And I really can't wait till next time.

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  1. Marka's Avatar
    Congratulations on a positive experience, MattiKins!!

    While I don't quite go 'little'...I do understand a bit about letting go for a bit...

    I'm also glad that Chris seems to be receptive to more of this...that has to be nice! friends, who understand!

  2. LilBiker's Avatar
    That's great! Pj's kick butt dont they :-)
  3. MattiKins's Avatar
    I really do have an awesome husband. And yes, PJ's rule!
  4. xBabyDJx's Avatar
    Sounds like a very good time! I agree a very great positive experience!

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