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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

Sorry for the absence again...

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Really, I am sorry. :[ Unlike those who live with these things, I'm still unsure of my feelings toward them. Some days, I feel ashamed to wear diapers because I fear that my friends will find it weird and misunderstand it, you know? Same with my parents, which is actually worse.

Anyway, I've also been playing Pokemon Y. It's taken up a lot of my time, but I did decide to rewrite my story called How I Became a Teen Baby. The approach I'm going for is a female character who was abused growing up, forced to grow up and didn't really get a chance to enjoy her childhood. This is what later causes her to regress and become a teen baby.

She does have a developmental disability, but it's only a slight one. It does play a small role in the story because of how she functions. However, it's not a major thing. The only problem is... I'm stuck. I want to make the story interesting. I don't want it to bore readers and turn their heads away from it, you know?

I feel like I need to add more... but what? I just don't have any idea. That's why I came here to find someone who might be willing to help me understand these things better. I can't do it myself because well... my own feelings toward these things are constantly being rejected. I have yet to accept them the way most of you already have. :[

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