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Midnight Posts

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Not sure what has compelled me to post around midnight but i here i am haha. I guess something thats been on my mind recently is lucid dreaming and just the aspect of it makes me giddy X3, No i have not had a lucid dream, ever, but i really really really really really...(9732) really really REALLY want one. I've kept a dream journal and surprisingly i have had a couple diapered dreams but none about my fursona or any sort of "spirit animal" Its kinda what i have been aiming for though. Basically getting to talk to my subconscious characterized as my fursona and i would literally bargain now almost to the point of death by hugs i am so desperate to have a lucid dream. i guess though i can only keep doing what im doing and hope that i can do enough reality checks to 'awaken' inside my dream and become lucid :3. Blergdeberlahblergda... Umm what else? How about finally trying Tranquility ATN diapers :P? i have been bouncing around from brand to brand trying to find a diaper that actually fits ^^" and Tranquility smalls are honestly a little to small ^^" its weird though becuase i have molicare S+ as well and the mediums are too big as the small Molicare S+ are to small :S. Gah im just weird i guess. i think i have like a 27-29 waist and the last time i checked i was around 115 lbs so skinny and light ^^" makes it kind of hard to find a diaper that fits snugly but doesnt sacrifice absorbency. Kind of hoping to try the new dry 24/7 smalls they are coming out with , it is a possiibility they will be in my size but who knows their have been many a rumors going around to actually when they are even going to start back up and running again. I heard or read something about moving their entire production from some country to here in the United states and that transfer of supplies, investors, and funds really set them back , but there is hope! and SUPPOSEDLY there is going to be a shipment this coming november so fingers crossed and we'll see what comes :P

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