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Having a tough week!

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Well this is yet the next section of my therapy postings, so consider this a warning and read on at your own risk.

Well as I blogged last time I went through the move from hell. I have been attempting to organize, set up the new house and get things unpacked. I also have to deal with life at the same time, but with my depression and ADD I am losing the battle of juggling this many balls at once. I have been attempting to do the best I can, and follow my therapy/grounding skills to keep and even keel.

I have done some real humdingers this week. I built two fire wood stands and lined them with plastic slip sheets to weather proof them. I fastened the sheets with a staple gun. The one I used works real good, but if you look at it looks like it is built backwards. I picked it up without looking and proceed to put a staple into the palm of my hand.
I went to my therapy appointment today only to realize that my last one was 9-17 and my next one (I forgot) was 11-7. I just thought it was today and showed up. The receptionist looked at me like I was crazy.

I have been having a lot of racing thoughts lately and have not been able to clear them. I did my grounding and three points keep coming up. I did all of the steps that I am suppose to go through. I realized that there was two that I could do nothing about and looked at ways to adjust my actions and thoughts to alleviate the stress. The other thing came down to a pet peeve that I have dealt with/developed since I was young. It involves friendship and the feeling that I get that after a time I get treated like a freak and shunned. I talked myself into feeling like it was happening again. So I wrote a good by letter to two people and told them that I was leaving the friendship by the road. I thought it had been over a week since there was no reply to a letter I sent, and was very upset that I had not gotten any feed back. The problem was that I have been losing track of time because my life has been revolving around this bloody move. So the issue was that "over a week" was only 4 days. Of course the one person is very busy and had not had a chance to respond. (Again to that person I wrote that too, I am sorry for my well thought through hasty decisions. Thank you for the forgiveness.)

Anyway, life moves on and I need to take time to think the full problem through.

I just need to put my thoughts into a different media (like this) to help clear my mind.

Thank you for your time reading this if you got this far.



  1. Luckyfish's Avatar
    Fear not Egor.
    Its one of those phases of life that tests you the most.
    When the dust settles and you look at the grand scheme of things, you will remember this and be a stronger person for fighting through this.
    Be well, breath and you will triumph!
  2. Marka's Avatar

    I understand a little bit about being off on my sense of time...I was reading somewhere, that when we have much more than usual events going causes us to feel as if more time has passed...inversely, when far fewer than usual events occur...we feel as though much less time has passed, than what actually has.

    I'm trying to incorporate methods to counter these time distortions myself... Having notes of specific events, with the time and date seem to help some...

    I'll let you know if I find anything more effective...

    Take care, and hang in there!
  3. daLira's Avatar
    What else to say as best of luck... no honestly =)

    No matter what will come... I think it's only important that you gave it a shot... That sounds confusing even for me. What I mean is simply you're obviously caring about the things you do and should do, despite that you may lose track of some things you should do ;), as long as you tried and certainly did your best... what else to do?
    Often, or rather mostly you cannot influence the outcome of things that much. Either way you can change if you care about them, so as some one sided friendships you mentioned. Other than that, perhaps don't think too much (I know... it's way too easy said and nearly impossible sometimes) about the small things and concentrate on your goals and do what you can and want. If some things get lost... that's life, basta.
  4. kerry's Avatar
    There are a million platitudes I could post here, Egor, and the problem with each of them is that they would sound like exactly what they are: platitudes. Nothing I can say other than this would feel sincere, so I'll just say this: try to be strong and make it through because what else is there to do? We all go through times when life gets a bit overwhelming. God knows I have. Sometimes it is just a matter of riding out the weird and crappy times to get to the better ones again.

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