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Really Hurt and Confused

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Do not Know where to start I have been Incon Bladder since 2001 I wear 24 /7 Im a decent guy I have a good job I just cant seem to meet some one that understands my needs with this issue now I have been with girls that are willing to wear and play with kind of a DL side But I feel that My needs are being neglected Now I am not looking for a mommy type as I never have been babied and if I was to explore that side it would have to be under the right circumstances as I kind I have a werid dream of how Id like that to go I just ca nt seem to meet some one will return the favor I would love to be sleeping and have them change me before they go to work I and the few women I have met they reject me due to this burden or its all about them I dont know what I am doing wrong
I just know that there is a part of me that I have to keep hidden as the world looks at this with a misconception and labels get formed Dont know how to deal with it
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  1. giantguy99's Avatar
    you came to the right place i am not an expert on these things but i know plenty who do i will go find one just for you and have them help you. keep in mind you have NOT done anything wrong and in fact i suspect you WHERE the who WAS wronged
  2. Hydra's Avatar
    Hi Crinklemedic,

    I don't claim to be an expert on these matters either but I will remind you of a few simple things:

    1) Remember that your incontinence issue IS NOT your fault... And neither should you feel ashamed of it.

    2) Forget the people who cannot accept your need to wear, or neglect your needs... They aren't worth bothering with, and you will only get hurt more if you waste your time on them.

    3) Things will happen when they happen. By this I mean that if you actively spend a lot of time looking for "the one", you will probably be met with more disappointment. Take a step back, accept yourself for who and what you are, and enjoy the beauty and all the simple things in life. You are a decent guy and have a decent job, just live your life, and someone will come along when you least expect it. But the more you stand around waiting for that person, the longer they will take to come in your life, and you will only start to feel worse. Its like waiting for the kettle to boil... it seems to take so much longer if you stand around waiting for it, but if you go off and do other things in the meantime, it takes no time at all.

    Hope that at least helps you a bit! Message me if you ever need a chat.

  3. Marka's Avatar
    I would add, lose your own shame in being incontinent... make it no different than being...say diabetic. It doesn't define who you are, it's but a very small aspect of your life.

    Never-mind loading on the DL/AB things at have to crawl, before you can run...let's get you up to walking first.

    Even being a not who you are, nor should it define you...being you, is who you are...and now you know what to define...

  4. Crinklemedic's Avatar
    thanks for the support Im still embarrassed by it afraid of the being made fun of the labels one can put on you
  5. Luckyfish's Avatar
    Perhaps its a good thing.
    If they cant handle your issue which is medical and a need, they are shallow and not worthy of your love.
    Its like a fast track to find the diamond in the rough.
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