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I've got new kittens to take care of! :catsmile:

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Yeah not to long ago I came across an old friend who mentioned to me that across the street from where she was living, there was a family that moved out and left two male tabby cats behind... they're about 6 months old so their not babies anymore but still young. The humane society or whatever was going to come and pick them up in two days and have them "euthanized" just because there shelter was only nearly full. Which I believe is wrong because they were living just fine by themselves outside because people fed them scraps.

I mean what the flying frick is wrong with humanity? I mean there are like 8 BiLLiON people not living mind you, but plaguing the planet like a host, an infestation of parasites sucking our poor mother Earth dry of resources needed not just for us but all forms of life. and like what, 300 million + kitties? Why are we so selfish acting? Why dont we start euthanizing humans who get to old like we do dogs and cats/ Or refuse to let someone commit suicide if they want to at all costs? Thats a morbid way of putting it but a more logical way no doubt...

Anyways before I start ranting about how people as a whole can annoy me, this was about my cats right?
Well I took the kitties in to save them, even though my lease forbids it! (yet another crazy human thing) I wanna save them but I dont want to get caught and kicked out of my new apartment either, so... I'm in quite the conundrum! I was going only to keep them for a little bit and then find them another home quickly but thats proving complicated... Also I'm growing attached to them and I've already named the two: Ushio and Twitch. Ushio is a name I got from watching Clannad (he just responds to it for some odd reason...) and Twitch comes from the other being nervous.
They are very cute and quite loving; I just hope I'm doing the right thing.
What do you guys think?


  1. MOPaddED's Avatar
    Whether you end up keeping them (and risking the chance of making yourself homeless right along with the cats) or manage to get them all to decent homes, having them all spayed or neutered and vaccinated is the right and responsible thing to do. They will live longer and healthier for it (not to mention controlling the flea population, which can pass deadly diseases between animals and humans) and will lessen the shelters' burden over time but whatever route you take remember that animal hoarding is well-meaning on outside appearances but is in fact a grave form of cruelty to them
  2. giantguy99's Avatar
    i wanted to tell you about someone i know SuperCuteBomb. she takes care of cats for the Toledo Humane society and keeps them until she finds someone who can adopt them. sometimes she gets cats from hoarding situations and i think she has a special licence for this or something like that. i tried contacting her and she replied (phone call) that she did not have any more room right now. however there is a POSSIBILITY that in the future she might be able to help but i will NOT make any promises as she may or may not have room for cats at any given moment. i would recommend that you try finding those cats a new owner as well as get them spayed or neutered and vaccinated and to not rely on my friend but just PM in the future and MAYBE she could help in situations like yours. in this situation though i would assume she cannot help. please be advised she does NOT know i am a diaper lover and i would like to try to keep it that way. i'm sorry i could not do any better but at least i can give a little hope to you. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.