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Over 5 years, I can still remember that sky. Mostly a light gray, very bright. A few patches of darker gray, but it still made my eyes burn. My stomach churned as I leaned against her bedpost, hands shoved deep in my pockets. I remember distinctly fooling around with lint. She had really transparent curtains for some reason.

Thoughts of regret still came strong, but back then I could care less. I was stupid. I heard the door crack open. I didn't turn to look as I heard her voice "I need to check-", I phased out the rest. I just gave a simple "Yea" and she closed the door. The pangs of regret dulled, as did my vision as the door opened again. I gave a sigh as I heard her come in, but in my blurred vision, it didn't look like her coming in. It was someone taller, with almost snow white hair. But that's all I could make out. The person didn't hesitate approaching me though, putting what was a weak attempt of a comforting arm around my waist. They pulled me into a partial embrace, that's when I noticed that it was a male that had his arm around me.

Why I didn't pull away, I have no clue. Was I that full of apathy at the time that I didn't care what this total stranger was going to do? My vision was still pretty unclear, but I did notice a red glint in the irises of his eyes. His face came close to me, and I turned my head. He stopped, and I could feel his smile. Something familiar, perverse about it. He then started to kiss on my jawline, then on my neck. My eyes felt glazed, I wanted to die, honestly. I half ass tried to shrug him off, finally putting my hand on his shoulder, applying a fair amount of pressure to try and keep distance from his lips and my skin. Thats when I felt his hand palm my forehead, gripping and pulling me near. His dull canines sunk into a nerve on my neck, and I winced.

He had drawn blood. I hate him. I want to wake up from this, but the only words I hear.

The words that still echo to me. "Play your part".

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