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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#30

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6:30 PM-

So, I am a "fake" disabled person? No way! I have
always had Autism and Cerebral Palsy. When I was
younger, I was forced to "pass for normal", which
meant, that when I reached "Middle Age", I have
had to suffer through a steep decline in my day-
to-day "Functional Mobility" and cognitive function-
ality. US Senator "Tom Coburn (R)" of Oaklahoma
has referred to a person like me with lifelong
developmental disabilities as being "undeserving"
of receipt of Social Security and MEDICARE benefits.
As I personally see it, US Senator "Tom Coburn (R)"
wants me to be "dead".

Really? Honestly, what the Hell did I "personally"
do to him to deserve him calling a person like me,
an older adult with legitimate lifelong develop-
mental disabilities, "unworthy of life", and who
has no right to be receiving Social Security and
MEDICARE Benefits?

As a developmentally disabled adult, I have been
feeling frustrated and angry "all day long". I am
very much concerned for my "physical survival in
this world".

Well, earlier this afternoon, I did have to go out
to purchase Milk and Soda Pop for my younger non-
disabled brother. To do that errand, I had to
drive myself to and from the Walmart on NH Route
28 here in Salem, New Hampshire. I do not own a
fancy vehicle, which is equipped with "hand-con-
trols" to enable me to drive myself to where I
have to go to be "out in the community" and not
be a "shut-in" as a disabled person.

I am damn sorry, but I have a "lot to say" about
how I "see the outside world" and how they "mis-
percieve" me as a person. I am "fed up" with the
Social Darwinist "shit" going around, which see
me as a "subhuman animal" and not as a fellow
human being who is deserving of respect and being
a valued member of the community.

I do know, that shoving a fucking HASBRO NERF Toy
Gun in any Republi(KKK)an Party politician's face
and "pulling the trigger" will do "any good".
Their "goon squads" will just shove a "real" gun
in my face and just "blow me away".

Well, I will try and go outside to mutely play in
my own back yard.

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