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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#28

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Lately, the last couple of days, I have been profoundly discreet regarding my Adult Baby side/persona. After all, I had to be down @ Boston University @ the AANE Annual Fall Meetup/Conference. Yesterday's big guest speaker was Dr. Temple Grandin and today's big guest speaker was Steve Silberman of WIRED Magazine, whom I 1st met face-to-face @ AUTREAT 2010. But I did have my small soft plush Giraffe friend near me in my reusable shopping bag I use to carry things when I use my rollator walker to aid my mobility. I had to pound down my baby side for 2 days straight. Also, another Asperger's/Autism friend of mine had to pound down her "Furry Persona" and not wear her tail or ears during the 2 day Meetup/Conference.

Anyway, I still got to have a bit of "Baby Persona Play" time @ bedtime last night, to alleviate the extreme stress of having to be "presentable" as a model Asperger's/Autism "adult" @ the AANE Meetup/Conference.

If I could be a baby again 24/7 around the clock again, I would, but I have to maintain a sense of "balance" to keep by Adult Baby persona side from "taking over" and overwhelming me.

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