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Update on the new house.

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Hello Everyone

Well 9-24 was the last time that I able to get on line.

I went through the move from hell. We did not get the keys until the evening of 9-23. My brother-in-law "took over" the loading of the truck and I was a packing fool. Monday we loaded for 4 hrs and he and his SO left. I keep packing and cleaning until late. Tuesday they finally showed up with help. NOT!!!!

I was loading the truck by myself until they finally showed at 12pm. So I left with a car load and came back and things were not going very fast. I helped load the truck and filled another car load. We took the rigs over to the new house, and while they loaded I had to go get pizza and some supplies. Things were not going that fast and I got them fed and pushed to get the truck unloaded. Was not happy because they where sliding the boxes down the ramp instead of using the hand trucks. Commented on please do not tear up my stuff, and got flack. I explained that I wanted the equipment used and told by my brother-in-law he would take care of it. We got the truck unloaded and took the rigs back to the old house and started loading again. I loaded the car and ran a load over and came back. The loading was going real slow and they were "bitching" about the things that we were moving. I loaded another car load and went to get something from the back yard. So I drove around to the back side of the shop, loaded what I needed and to my surprise here is the whole crew including my brother-in-law smoking pot!!!!!!

We got the load finished when I got back and loaded another car load. we drove the rigs over to the new house and unloaded it. The one punk was being a real problem and my Brother-in-law knew they were on thin ice so he kept him under a tight reign. As soon as the trucks were unloaded and I was going to move the truck back to the old house and let them drive their rig to get the other cares. I had my kids stay in the truck to stay out of the way and rain. The punk jumps into the truck and starts it and attempts to drive it back to the old house. He got real pisses off when I told him to STOP! His mother (my Brother-in-laws SO) ran and got to him before I could get around the truck to crew him a new a hole for endangering my kids.

Anyway it was a hell of a day they worked 4 hours and quit. My brother-in-law and SO helped for three more days and It was not pretty. I finally told them to not come back and attempted to get other help. I would get things scheduled then they would cancel and I just got in and did it. We got the house empty and cleaned on time, but it took two extra days to get the shop and garden cleaned out. All of the small U-haul trucks were rented for the whole weekend, and the Home depot truck was rented out until 10-2. I finally got it and got the last big stuff moved and finished up getting the garden stuff moved at 4pm.

My bone spur is still hurting so bad, but it is over with. I have not really unpacked anything until today, but I have made so much room just sorting the boxes and re-stacking them without all of the space between things.

Lessons have been learned and my wife agrees that this will not happen again for some time, but next time a professional is doing our moving.

Trust me I wish the whole time I had internet so I could get some support from you guys!


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Glad it's over for you! Now you can settle in to the new place...and get some rest... -Marka
  2. Strontium's Avatar
    This sounds like a nightmare of a moving day and I bet its a great relieve that its done now.
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    Thank Jeebus that's over. Well sorta. It'll be a couple months before you'll actually be able to go about your day knowing where to find things without mounting a major search.
  4. Adventurer's Avatar
    Welcome back, Egor! Man, sorry you had to go through that. I think even I'd want to smack someone by that point, and that's saying something. At least you've got your new place now - how's it working out there? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.