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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#23

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A nice sunny Tuesday, and I am all alone by myself and feeling quite sad. As usual, I got myself cleaned up, diapered, and dressed for the day > 2 hours ago. I did sit down to pay my American Express Charge Card "bill". With it coming up towards the end of my fiscal month, as a "destitute" disabled person, I should be doing a lot of things, like going out and shooting more video for the Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV Station/Studio, but because gasoline costs a lot, I am mostly stuck within my own home here in Salem, NH. My younger brother is out trying to do more freelance photography, but he is getting screwed-over by people in the outside world. As it is, the "Wood Brothers", us, have always been screwed-over by everyone in the outside world. There are very few people who realize that we have lived with extreme hardship all our lives. Both of us had to "raise ourselves" growing up. A very brutal lesson I learned in childhood, is that "nobody" in the outside world "comes to help", but only to hellfire and damnation "judge me" as a person, without ever taking the time to know or understand me.

I need my 6.5 Hp, 3.5 Kilowatt Emergency Electrical Generator "repaired", but I have no money for that. I need a couple pairs oof new Bluejeans to wear, but no money for that. I need new socks for my feet, but I have no money for that.

As the Congress in Washington, DC has said, "Let the poor eat Twinkies..."

Instead of a HASBRO NERF Toy Gun, maybe I should have a real one and start a violent anti-government insurrection...

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