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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#23

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At Supper a short time ago, my younger non-disabled brother "vented" a lot of anger. Not at me, but about a so-called charity event that was put on by "local" 1%'ers. He was hired as a photographer, but the host and guests emotionally defecated all over him. My brother observed, that the even was less about the "charity", that it was a "decadent" booze party by a bunch of "local" 1%'ers to pat each other on the back and tell themselves how "superior" they are to "normal" people, like my younger brother.

Anyway, I did have a long nap this afternoon after returning home from church. I did sleep for a while, but for 2/3 of the nap period, I was catatonic, mute, and staring at the ceiling, clad in nothing but my diaper and a pair of plastic pants. I was in "profoundly deep" infantile regression mode. In this profoundly regressed state, which lasted a several hours, I was probably acting as if I were only around 2 months old. I had no words, only "feelings". My world was shrunk to only my own immediate surroundings, lying there on my back in my bed between my side-safety rails. My spastic cerebral palsy affected legs were "immobile" for hours, while I laid there, and they did physically hurt. When I awoke from sleeping, only other behavior I did was to mutely mouth my clutch ball teether, with soft loops to mouth, which felt soothing and calming to me.

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