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The house is on its way!?!

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I have hinted at what materialistic thing is going on in my last blog, but I thought I would update the situation.

Around the first of August my wife announced that she wants to buy a house. We are 4 years out of a financial nightmare (that ended in use declaring bankruptcy) and should be should have enough credit to buy a house. So she started the process and got the per-approval estimate on a mortgage. We started going through the internet adds and looking a properties. A list was made and a real estate agent was contacted. We made an offer on a house that we both LOVED. IT has been an emotional roll a coaster ride. I knew they were going to go over our credit with a fine tooth comb, but it went to the ridiculous side. They wanted an explanation for every deposit over $500. Hello if it shows up every two weeks would that not say "PAY CHECK"!!!

Anyway after going through all of their mazes and playing the "GAME" we finally got told that we could be signing Thursday night. So No call!!! The escrow officer went home early because they did not see anything pressing for the morning. We were suppose to sign at 8 am.

The lender called at 6 pm and told us there had been a misunderstanding and we would sign as soon as the funds are wired to them. OK this is good. HOW MUCH!?!

We cant have the funds wired (the only way they would take it)[yet another fee!!!!!!] until they tell us the final amount. They cant tell us the final amount until the escrow officer gets them the amount due. Plus the escrow office tells us they cant do the documents until they have the notification of the wired funds.

The lender gets that straightened out and tells us to be at the bank by 9 am and they will e-mail us the amount. So we sat in the lobby of the bank this morning drinking coffee waiting. I finally said to hell with this and started buying rolls of quarters to look for the current dates I am missing in my collection. We finally got the call, had the money wired, and raced to the Title Co. to do the signing. We have until 10:30 to sign or they will change the interest rate. The lender granted a one hour waiver to get it done and the documents finally get signed.

SO we are done. NOT!!!!!!!!!

The documents have to be sent to the lender electronically so that the loan can be funded. They will not fund it until the wire clears the lenders clearing house. Then the lender is going to have the documents hand carried to the county clerks office to get the filing expedited so the closing is complete.

We are told this has all been arranged and it will be done by 5pm. and we should have the keys in time for dinner.

Meanwhile back on the ranch.

I have a crew coming to help with the move. I have one group coming to help with the packing that has not been done. Why? Because I have spent the last two weeks running errands for everyone else and/or running documents down to the lenders office.

So my wife is upset because of the arrangements I have made and I should not get the U-haul set up until we know we can get in. WHAT EVER!

SO I call and put the moving crew on hold, go out and buy packing boxes, and go home and start packing.

My wife calls and there is something she needs to do so I need to get her at 4:30.

Hot DAMN, she is going to surprise me with the keys.

My one friend, stepson, and I are packing fools. we go through 50 boxes and Its time to go get my wife. I am tiered, exhausted, and way over stressed, so It would not bother me if I have to start moving in the morning.

I will call the crew and set up a time, thank you for the help packing, and I will see you in the morning.

I go and pick up my wife.

The first thing she says is"HI Honey, how are you doing".

OH **it!!!!

They got the documents, the funding came through, and as they where attempting to transfer the wired funds the lender had a catastrophic server crash and they think they will have it repaired by the end of the day. They will make sure that the title is registered with the county clerk first thing Monday morning.

"OH, the real estate rep said they might bring the keys by Monday afternoon as soon as the deed is filed."

I am going to finish packing this week end. I am going to move everything to the main floor that I can to clear rooms to start deep cleaning the house so the property Nazis can do the final walk through before the 30th, and will not have to struggle moving that much stuff down the stairs if we ever get to move.

I am in my happy place, I am in my happy place, I am in my happy place.


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Yeah, the lenders really drill into your finances these days. I went through the mortgage process this last year myself, and they did exactly the same thing with me. ("Please explain this deposit, ...and this withdrawal, ...and let us know where this transfer went, and...") I couldn't believe it. But! We got the loan, and that was what mattered. Unfortunately, in our case, the house we purchased was a short sale, and closing took almost five months! We knew it would be bad, but not that bad.

    Anyway. Hopefully things go smoothly for you from here on out! Keys!!
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    Sorry for having a good laugh at your expense. Hopefully you can too, once its all done.

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