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Ugh... *faceplant*

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So many Ups and Downs the last week - its not even funny.

While my other 2 Dependecos arrived (Mickey Plaid and pink with flowers prints), I started the Disability Process. So that ball is took FOREVER to fill out the freaking form with all my past doctors and meds. Now its the waiting game. I'm also going for SSI as well. The only consolation I have is that while I'm not on Disability yet, I can still get my unemployment benefits and maybe bank a little bit in the meantime.

Otherwise I'm screwed and will need to ask for help from mom till I can find PT work with Disability. I won't be able to make bills on Disability alone. If I get Disability (based on the estimate they gave me) and SSI (at least $600) together - I will be okay with *just* that...meaning any $ I get from Part-time work is savings.

Ideally, that would be best scenario - but I'm not going to bank on that. Still the ball is rolling. I need to make an appointment to go do the SSI app in person (annoys me that I can't do it online, so now I need to find someone to go with me to help with the chair....bleh).

On another note - the seedlings are doing well. But now the problem lies in planting.
The friend who was supposed to help me figure out building the troughs? I haven't been able to reach him all week. So now I need to try and figure out something and build it on my own. I don't know ANYTHING about woodworking whatsoever. If I don't do something soon though, my plants will die.

So this will be fun....


  1. oleman72's Avatar
    Glad you got that ball rolling. Enjoy them new Dependeco's.
  2. Strontium's Avatar
    I swear form willing is a universal constant as no matter who I've talked to around the world, the paperwork never seems to be any smaller. The next time I fill in a form that asks about my problems I'm tempted to add 'a sore hand from filling this form in'
  3. caitianx's Avatar
    I ended up on SSDI, after the New Hampshire State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Disabled "screwed up" and did not assist me from 2003 to 2006, when I was in their "system" for the last time.

    What a bunch of a-holes who did not know what to do with an Autistic with Cerebral Palsy and a 4 year engineering degree.

    Anyway, I hope the process works out for you.

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