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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#18

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"Leg Brace Boy", "Me", is tired this evening.

I was over in Pelham @ my church to assist in setting up stuff for tomorrow's 107th Old Home Day Community Celebration.

After returning home a short time ago, I put on a pair of striped blue pajama bottoms over my diaper.

A bit later, I do have to take my nighttime medicines, and another CIPRO Antibiotic pill.

I am down with another Urinary Tract Infection.

Despite my trying to be really clean with respect to changing my diapers ASAP when wet and/or poopy, once a year @ this time of year, my system comes down with a UTI.

I am of course, trying to drink plenty of Di-Hydrogen Monoxide to stay hydrated.

Anyway, I am not physically functioning the best.

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