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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#17

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I have finally taken the time to mutely bunny and crawl on the Den room floor to play with my big plastic TONKA "Wrecker/Tow Truck".

It is one I purchased myself with my own money @ the local Walmart.

Decades ago I had a nice TONKA Wrecker/Tow Truck toy, but my Mommy "threw it out".

"Big Boys Do Not Play with Toy Trucks!!!!!", was what Mommy told me.

I am feeling a bit better emotionally, mutely crawling on the floor and playing with my TONKA Wrecker/Tow Truck.

My play is not "interrupted" now, like it was decades ago.

Are there any other Autistics my own age who like to play with toy cars and trucks?

I wish I had a play friend my own age (which is 55).

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