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I just got home...ugh. SLEEEEEEPY.

Good day though... scored 2 BIG terra cotta pots (some chips, no cracks though, so still integrally sound for use) at a thrift shop for $12.99 each. Also found a circular Sterno warmer (I'm assuming for a percolator or something), that my teapot fits perfectly on; that I got for $0.99. I intend to use it as a teawarmer! (when I can have tea again, or when I serve tea for guests. Though I'm going to use a candle - not a tin of flammable petroleum gel) I also got a baby stuff basket for the dishwasher, for $1 - but it will fit bento stuff and lids too that I get nervous putting in the dishwasher because they will fly around, and possibly land on the heating element.

My friend E had an awesome idea for the garden, since I'm strapped for cash. To start them in the peat pots (which are biodegradable and meant to just drop in whole for transplanting) and ask our friend (who has some very good carpentry skills) to help me build raised troughs to transplant the seedlings into. That way A) its cheaper than buying all the containers I'd need B) I can disassemble it for transport if need be, with tools I already own C) It will fit perfectly and D) I don't have to bend over and risk wrenching my back to tend my garden.

We also stopped at Walmart and checked the garden center there. This is definitely the time to buy garden things! Lots of stuff marked down for clearance. I found clip-together trellises (...trellisi? ) for climbing plants like tomatoes and peppers, for $1.49 per bundle of parts...I bought 6 (I may need to go get more, there are only 4pc per bundle), a growing bag with handles for $2, riser feet for the terra cotta pots for $3 per set, a starter greenhouse tray (with the peat seedling tray inside) for $4.50, and a second one with beefsteak heirloom tomato seeds in the tray for $5. I really feel like this gardening plan is going to work!

Anyway, its 12:20AM now...I really need to get to bed. But I still wanted to share the AWESOMENESS that was today.

Nigh' Nigh'!


  1. FaennaJo's Avatar
    So exciting!!! I like growing things ... as long as it doesn't involve going outside in the summertime (which is a little bit limiting!!)

    I'm so glad you had a nice day and got lots of cool gardening loot! I hope it goes brilliantly for you! (Raised beds tend to be great for plant productivity, too~)

    Nightnight Paxy <3 Teddy bear hugs!
  2. Strontium's Avatar
    I'm so happy that your veggie patch plans are coming together so well along with a successful shopping trip. If I wasn't having to sell this house I'd be inspired to have a go myself.
  3. oleman72's Avatar
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