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The Dream Of the Boy i Never Knew.

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So this is my 1st blog Yay .
I have had this dream a few times over the last year or so i have never told any one about it but the dream is all way the same it plays out like a movie. So the dream it starts with me being on a sailing boat making my way back to the shore. Its a place i don't recognise but its very beautiful with a golden sand beach and mediterranean blue sea as i make my way back to the shore there is a boy standing there with cool little boarding shorts and a vest the boy is no older then 6 years of age and has blonde hair and blue eyes he seems to be waiting for me.
When i arrive to the shore there is no one else but the boy. Me and the boy greet each other a word is never said its like a silent movie but yet there is a strong connection between the boy and my self i feel very protective over this child. The dream continues but as if it is being speeded up its as if the dream has no concept of time apart from one moment where i find my self sitting on the warm golden sand between my toes as i over looking the mediterranean blue sea where the little boy is playing down where the ocean meets the sand and right at that moment in the dream a feeling of pure joy and happiness overwhelms me but just at that moment the dream is over a bit like a book that has run out of pages before the story has finished. But! its the feeling after the dream thats what gets to me the most its a strong feeling of emptiness overwhelms me like i have lost some think that can not be replaced. Who is this boy that i feel so protective over ? why is he there in the 1st place ? and why do we never speak ?. could this dream be a mirrored vision of my little self and big self coming together in one place ? Or may be its the thought of when i become a daddy and have my own children how i would want to do my very best to be the most caring and loving father that i can be and when my children say that i'm the best daddy in the world they truly mean it. Any way thanks for taking the time to read my 1st blog i feel all cuddly now. Super Big Hugs Leo.


  1. Paxy's Avatar

    I don't interpret dreams very often Leo (I tend to stick to reading my cards, so don't quote me on this ) but it sounds to me like you're right on with it being your Little Side. Especially considering all of the Up's and Down's you've been working through. Either way, it is a very nice dream. Thank you for sharing it.
  2. Snowfall's Avatar
    Maybe it's like a memory of a past life if you believe in that kind of thing? A really interesting dream anyway.
  3. Strontium's Avatar
    I can understand why you feel emptiness after such a nice connection with the boy/yourself but why then let the bad feeling make the dream this way. I'd focus on the feeling of pure joy and happiness you have in the dream and maybe thank yourself or the boy for being there and feeling so good.
  4. littleleo's Avatar
    Thanks boys and girl i take a lot away from my dreams i think they can tell us a lot about are self's that we may not know or are unable to see in the conscious realm. I don't know who this child is or what it means but may be that's the point just may be i dose not matter the fact that the boy and my self are happy in the dream is enough and so the dream comes to a end at that moment. Any way thank you for taking the time to read and comment Super Hugs Leo
  5. JoshE2810's Avatar
    After reading, and re reading, I think it might be both. You see this young boy as yourself, the kind of boy you never got to be maybe? and also the fact that this boy is who you want your son to be and, because of how you feel, you want to be the best father you can be for that child because you know you will be a child yourself with that boy.
  6. ajsco's Avatar
    I completely understand what you mean, I have had a few like these. It's just that feeling of emptiness you get once you wake up, it's almost as if you feel warm and happy inside in the dream. Personally I've always felt the need to protect those around me, and from how I've analysed it is I want (or even need) a relationship with someone, most likely younger than me, where I'm in the role of just looking out for them and helping them, not in an AB sense.
  7. tennismad's Avatar
    hiya leo

    have you considered that this dream could be that you want to be the child but at the same thing you feel you cant be and that is why the empiness is there ? also it might be as some people have said before on hre that it could be you showing your parenting or careing side in your subconscious mind ? most people on the real world think that men are the macho people and dont show there emotions. maybe it is only in your subconscious mind that you feel comfortable enough with it to let it out.

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