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My little pony G3

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I love the new Pinkie pie because of her laughter but I felt a little home sick for the old stuff and getting to hear her say "Absolutely posatutely, pink" was good to hear again. I guess I never looked into other peoples life's but I grew up with the child hood of having asperger's syndrome and a brother with turrets syndrome.

You put these things together and at times its like baking soda and vinegar. Those two are harmless when they are together but you put it in a soda bottle and that bottle warps to the point that the lid shatters.

I remember good an bad times but the best was knowing that my brother had a heart. He never once made fun of me and never once teased me. I have thought about the times that I was the reason he had episodes but I often times remember that I was young and stupid.

My little pony was an escape for me. My brother alone was hard to live with but the jerks that pick on me when at times I was ready to break down is something I could not handle. I have a real hard time getting angry because I see no need for it now. I get stressed out but I never get angry like I used too. I take very little medication being the two main ones are anti-depressant and the other an anti-acid.

Sitting here with my 25th anniversary pinkie pie between my arms and her face touching mine I understand things better. My little pony for me was an escape to where kindness and personality was worth more than the fears you have. It is worth getting over being embarrassed or afraid to be with those who love you.

Even being a clutz at times like Minty was lovable because she had a heart of Gold. I at times feel like I know little and feel that all I can do is make things worse. I know I am not the only one when I think about her. She was a character to present that. If there was a jumbo plush I would have her as well. I plan on eventually sewing one together and making her my own but I at this moment don't have the money. Beside; I am satisfied with what I have. Nothing can replace my best friend.

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