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Bearable day! YAY!

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Some good things happened today, which made me very happy.

Woke up.
Ate my rice, banana, and apple cereal and watched a few more episodes of One Piece.
Bath time.
Went to Target and found out that my RX for my meds that was written 3 weeks ago was still valid for filling. (Mom is helping with the cost of my meds until I can see about getting on Disability and Medicare/Medicaid)

My order from Baby Pants arrived! A onesie (the hearts), T-shirt (jungle animals, RAWR!), plastic pants (they look huge even though I got a Med...hoping I don't feel like I'm sitting in a balloon. I like snug.), and my shortalls. This is a total shock/blessing. My mom is coming over Thurs, she does not know of my AB/DL side and Thus was supposed to be the delivery estimate. Now I'm just waiting on the 2 AIOs from Dependeco.

Currently the onesie and jungle shirt are in the wash for shrinking. There was a "Baby Pants" patch on the back of the shortalls that I wasn't expecting, but easy enough to remove with a pair of stitch scissors. I don't want to announce my Little side to the world any time I want to wear the shortalls outside my apartment. It's next for a wash once the others are finished. The wash should help realign the denim threads so the faint "patch square" where the stitches were will go away.

When I got my meds from the pharmacy, I was expecting a bill of $236, but they ended up giving me a discount card because they know I'm on limited funds and need my meds every month. It dropped the $236, down to $171 and saved me $85. Which is 2 weeks worth of food - sometimes 3 if I can stretch it. I almost cried right there in the pharmacy.

For all the really bad semi-suicidal thoughts of last week, today has been the absolute opposite. I have my meds, which I will be back on tomorrow morning, my Little clothes, and money for food!

I'm gonna go drink my juice now and watch more cartoons.


  1. littleleo's Avatar
    Hey paxy i'm very happy you have had a better week. new AB stuff and saving your self $85 enjoy your jungle animals, RAWR! plastic pants RAWR! any way its just nice to hear you are have a nicer week. Super Big Big Hugs Leo
  2. oleman72's Avatar
    I'm glad to see a happy girl on here today. Glad you got your meds and your Baby pants order. You should also wash your AIO's
    when get them before you use them. It'll take about four washings to get them to full absorbency. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.