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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#13

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Trying to have a quiet Sunday evening.

Earlier in the late afternoon, I was in "Deacon Elder" mode, listening to the concerns of an Asperger's/Autism friend of mine out in Columbus, Ohio.

He is a 24/7 wearer of adult diapers and plastic pants, but he is not an Adult Baby like me.

Up until he called, I was in "baby mode" during my Sunday afternoon nap.

This morning as usual I was behind a television camera and operating the other video equipment to perform the "live broadcast" of our church's 10:00 AM Sunday Worship Service over Pelham, NH Community Public-Access CATV.

For me financially, I am @ the end of my Fiscal Month.

Still have to wait for my next Social Security Direct Deposit.

Then I will be able to take a drive over to the west side of Nashua here in New Hampshire to the Colonial Medical Supply Store to purchase several 12-count bags of TRANQUILITY ATN adult diapers.

Most of the time I end-up wearing/using the Rite Aid Pharmacy "House Brand" XL sized diapers.


  1. kennyrallen's Avatar
    I still wonder how we are making it month to month on SSD. For what we get we are far below poverty level. Is this really how we treat our disabled in the country?
  2. caitianx's Avatar
    $1,419.00/month for me does not go very far after paying all the bills I have.

    I end up using my American Express Gold Card to tie me over with paying for food and gasoline for my truck near the end of each month, meaning, that I end-up with a $200.00+ AMEX bill every month, which "drags me down".

    I hate "credit", but after paying the bills, every last 2 weeks of my fiscal month, I have to buy necessities on "credit".

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