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Tales of a Forgotten God

A road-block?

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I don't totally know whether or not it's the stress that school has induced on me, lately, or perhaps the fact that my Flash programming crash-course has diverted my deep thought process away from everything else, but I suddenly find myself...a little uninterested in writing.

Oh. [i]Joy[/i].

I need to progress in my story, as well. Maybe I just need to take baby steps in getting myself interested again. The good news is, I've set myself up rather nicely to continue on with Chapter 3, as I've managed to put into words a specific part of it that kept my fingers struggling to figure it out (it's a part about deconstructing and reconstructing a door; you'll know what part I'm talking about when I get done with it, and you'll probably understand that I had to be creative when making this section).

And none of you know yet what he's capable of, yet, but...Elion's going to be a very fun character to work with -- personality-wise and ability-wise, that is. It's like a brilliant touch of sadistic cheer blessed the creation of his character concept.


  1. Dawes's Avatar
    One of the best things that I can suggest to a fellow fantasy writer for overcoming times of writer's block is just to immerse yourself in your story in other ways!

    Sometimes, there will be days, weeks, months, even years wherein you're just unable to write -- the words don't come, the thoughts aren't there -- and it gets frustrating. In times like this, I worked on little 'encyclopedias' -- hand-written papers just for me where I described parts of the world, defined the religions and beliefs of different races and cultures, delved into character backgrounds and wrote out anything story-related that I could that just wasn't the story itself!

    This too shall pass, Aeonis! You'll get through it soon, and just be patient with yourself and don't rush anything. It will come in due time when it's meant to!

    Until then, I will be one of the many who will patiently wait for your next awesome update!
  2. Cen Aeonis's Avatar
    ...I submit things like that to deviantART, actually. :3 But yeah, you're right. When I delve into the world I'm seeking to create (and, believe me, I do it [i]a lot[/i]), I feel a very strong connection to what it is I want to accomplish.

    And I need to mention...that I've recently re-obtained the inspiration to write again. Amazing how it comes and goes. XD - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.