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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#7

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Tuesday morning...and I am "alone by myself".

Despite having my "Night Light" on all night and "hugging" Precious, my "Baby Dolly Friend", I did have a childhood abuse PTSD type of "bad dream".

I can not even recall consciously what this "bad dream" was all about, but as usual, it was about something my deranged mentally-ill Mother did to me and my younger non-disabled brother when we were children.

I did "wake up crying and scared"...

I did pull myself together and did my usual morning "routine".

Being "retired" on Social Security, I have a lot of "time on my hands", to use the cliche.

As to what my autistic mind thinks of this saying, is that the scientific quantity of "Time" can not be "placed on my hands".

"Time" is not an "object" which occupies 3-Dimensional Space, like my physical body and its parts.


  1. kennyrallen's Avatar
    I hate dreams that bring up old trauma. It is like reliving them all over again.

    It is something that our subconscious will do to us every now and then. Our "Boogeyman's" waiting to get us.

    We have all ready dealt with these things but they will never complacently go away.

    I have learned that my baby side is the strongest part of me. It is the side that really protects me.

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