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Sample Packs...Round 2....FIGHT!

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Okay I wore the Abena Original L4 to bed. Like I said yesterday, It compares to the Bambino Teddies I have (for me) in terms of bulk and whatnot. While it was able to handle the morning did so barely. (I always get super nervous when liquid containment breaches the standing guards at the top/bottom where the larger landing pads are)

I put on a Tena Slip Maxi this morning, and sadly - I am not impressed.
With all the hype, I had expected something better.
While not as bulky it falls between the Abena L3 and Teddies, I'm having the same issues that I do with the Teddies in terms of fit.
Also - the tapes worry me. They aren't as sticky as the Abena, and they are half the width of all the other tapes I've seen.

I like to feel secure, but I don't like needing to use packaging tape to do so (feels too makeshift, not to mention the noise).

So far, I'd have to say my rankings fall thusly
-Abena Original L3
-Abena Original L4/Bambino Teddies (Tied. Abena for the "Tapes of Awesomeness" and the Teddies for the Landing pads)
-Tena Slip Maxi

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