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Sample packs so far...

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I got my sample packs and bedmat from XP Medical this morning. Very pleased to report that the back of the mat is a pretty pastel green versus the pink that was in their stock photo. Not that I mind pink...its just not my favorite. The mat isn't as large as I had hoped though. I'll need to get the materials some how and make a large custom one I think. Time to bust out the sewing machine.

The samples I bought were:

-Abri-Form Original
-Abri-form Premium
-Tena Slip Maxi

So far today I've worn the Abri form Original. I'm a sucker for the plastic-crinkle. From the Original, I got 2 each of the L3 and L4. The L3 held up just as well as my Bambino Teddies in regards to liquid containment - though to be fair I hadn't tried flooding it with a "first of the morning go" like I have the Teddies. Still, with 1 moderate wetting and 3 smaller ones - it performed like a champ. Not to mention it was far more comfortable in terms of bulk (or lack thereof) and snugness. Much easier to get a snugger fit and the tapes are MUCH stickier.

I'm wearing the L4 now. While I can still get a snug waist fit, the bulk about matches my Teddies - which I feel is just too much bulk for my frame.

I haven't tried the Tena or the Premium Abri-form yet - but so far the Original L3's are in the top spot for my preferred choice of Padding. Also, hoping to eventually be able to fit into the M sizes...I don't like having to buy Large.

Still, I think my 3x per week biking is starting to help. Down to 163 (was 166lbs) and I'm starting to lose face-chub and my belly flab is loosening up.

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