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Emotional Rescue

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Ever since I started wearing I've thought of diapers as strictly sexual objects. I'd hear people talk about diapers and emotional needs and go, "Wha??" But this year, for the first time, I've begun to start seeing their point. Let me explain.

I had a bad week at work. For a while it was a good week, and then it wasn't, and I went into the weekend having to diffuse a pretty complicated situation. I've got the house to myself this weekend--and this morning, I realized I wanted to be diapered. But not so I could wear and wet and whack off; no no, I wanted to wear and not whack off, but rather to feel secure. I can't explain why, but as soon as I was diapered I began to relax. I've been wet all day; I've worn an Attends and a Lille and (now) an M4, yet at no point have I been turned on. And that's unusual for me, because (again) diapers + sex for as long as I can remember. But not today. Today, I just want to lounge around the house in nothing except a t-shirt and a diaper and feel relaxed and comfortable and get my head off of what's happening at work. I want the feel of a thick, wet disposable diaper wrapped around my hips...and that's it. That's all I want out of my day.

I realize this is old hat for some of you, but it's an interesting development for me. What are your thoughts about diapers and anxiety and using the former to alleviate the latter?


  1. kerry's Avatar
    I don't know about diapers per se alleviating pressure, but regression certainly does and that is usually accompanied by diapers...
  2. Strontium's Avatar
    I used to think of myself as a DL but like you, I started to wear for more than what people think is the DL reasons but I'm not sure if its regression either. I do not find any affinity with childhood so maybe there is a middle ground where we can gain comfort from using diapers but without the need to regress.
  3. hti24's Avatar
    Yeah, I think that's where I'm headed as well. It happened to me again this weekend: I had a job interview, and as soon as it was finished the first thing I wanted to do was get diapered. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.