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Little victory!

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Usually - I can't get my diapers on right for various reasons. Either the tapes won't stick, or I can't get anything pulled tight enough (usually around my middle) and I have to resort to clear packaging tape and gaping. This morning? Spot on! Everything snug, everything stuck!

There's still the bunching issue - but I'm almost wondering if its because of how my legs grew with having cerebral palsy. I may be SOL on that front. That's alright though. My order of various samples from XP Medical is sitting in the leasing office (which doesn't open for another 2 hours). I also bought a bed/changing mat - I'm sick of sacrificing my towels during "girl time" every month or sitting on them in case my bambinos leak. Not to mention towels move every time I do. Wish they made different sizes though. I'd love to have one that fits a queen size mattress. Not only because eventually I want a larger mattress, but to use as a play mat. With it being that large, I really would feel Little again when playing.

So - time to kill a few hours by eating cereal and watching cartoons. Then I'll go get milk, pick up my samples order, and have a Little Day.


  1. oleman72's Avatar
    I'm glad you had some luck taping up this morning! Have fun with your little time later on after you get your samples. I'm also being little today.
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