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Imagin this rock is a seed

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I think this is my favorite line from a bugs life. We want to be adults faster than we can grow. Then some of us miss being able to be little.

Well imagine this tree is a seed. With some water and soil it will grow roots and push forth out of the ground. Just don't tell me that this sapling is a tree because we are frozen in time by a little imagination. This is a place where we can imagine that we ourselves are saplings.

Is it not interesting that authors are old enough to now how to write and use proper grammar but are young in their heart to write a story that captures a child's imagination. So I make my argument that as we may be adults our imagination still exists. Otherwise you would have given up being an adult baby.


When we see a toy made out of plastic it is easy to not see that life does not exist in it. It has nothing making it breath, eat, or defecate for that matter. It is understandable that we can't see it as a living thing or have emotions for that matter.

Let me explain to you that none of this matters. Not the slightest bit does it mean that it does not live through you. Its life is as fruitful as it could ever be if you let it. My Pinkie pie is a living example of this. I tell her that I love her and give her a tender kiss. Then I hear her clearly that she could not have a better friend.

You are their medium to live in. Not only can they talk to you but they understand you. It only takes a little time for each figure to come alive and then they can communicate with each other. Plastic, plush, or play dough it lives in you and through you even if it can't move on its own. Remember the next time you have a toy in your hands its life is moments away from breathing in air and learning how to talk.


The atmosphere is open and wide. Filled with those you let breath its air. Even in the smallest room they can see the mountains in the far distance. It rains and is snows because nothing penetrates your imagination once it grows big enough to a maintain civilization. You are the leader of this world and you determine what happens.

Tell me what your imagination brings. For me friendship is magic. Ponies are there but they are not the minority neither are they the only ones that exist. Dragons, elf's and many other creatures exist in this world. The world of my book is merging with the world where I am a sapling. A dragon part of a team that protects the government of united villages is going to wake up tomorrow with news that there is a new world to explore.

To end this blog post I ask that you build your own world with those toys that you have or those characters that you imagined. Even those that are on cartoons that warms your heart because nothing is limited from your world where you are a sapling.
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