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Having a fall back

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I think this would be a good fall back if you don't feel comfortable with the whole AB/DL thing. I am also thinking about it too until I switch jobs to where I don't have people who look through the openings of the bathroom stall. It is nerve wrecking enough to have some one looking at you much less trying to pull off the 24/7 diaper thing.

When you think about it; diapers is just a part of it. Adult baby cloths is another small part of it. These things are not the only thing in this life. If you don't have the money or a trusted friend to role play with you there are other parts that is fun and relaxing as well.

Before I accepted my diaper love I slept with a stuffed animal and had imaginary friends. I still have documents of dialogue between me and my imaginary friends on my computer but I taking it further. The paci was new to me but not a big change. I remember my mother telling me the story about the toy lawn mower that she got me to bribe me when I was little.

I guess this is kind of ironic that I have a paci again but I now use it in private. So the important thing is knowing that you are comfortable and have money to make ends meet. Don't ever under estimate the power of imagination. I don't believe you lose it but as an adult you build up a barrier to it. Plastic as we know it is plastic but with a little effort you can have a little fun with it. My dolls have heads that don't turn but imagine putting a figure on a ledge and having a bunch of other characters be set up around it like an army. Just a little imagination will take it a long way.

I see you tube videos that manipulate the cartoon my little pony as if it was an action flick. Go for it and act like there is a civilization there and tell me about the results sometime.

An activity that is fun and cheep is Elmers non-toxic glue and Popsicle sticks again with some imagination you can make a house and some characters to live in it. The sky is the limit. To me these activities are better than wearing adult baby cloths or wearing a diaper. Nothing wrong with wearing these things but once you have the cloths on and a diaper on so many times it may get old.


  1. kennyrallen's Avatar
    It is a lifestyle and also a small part of your life. I think yours is role play. But for some being a baby is a real part of them.
    That one is a little hard to understand and ever harder to explain.
    But for some of us, I include myself in that club, for one reason or another we have two very real sides to us. . The Adult side and the Baby side.

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