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Taking the next step

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I was in the bathroom thinking about the questions that I ask myself. I am going without diapers for a little while and trying to understand what it is that I want out of this lifestyle that I am now in. Some interesting questions came to mind.

If scriptures say nothing against AB/DL then what about the ethics? Would they line up with scripture?

Would I be able to listen to Christian music the same way even with a diaper on, a paci in my mouth, and a stuffed animal to cuddle with?

Am I ok with God knowing that this is in my life?

What do I feel when I am in my baby fantasy? Is it sexual or is it comfort?

First the simple one; If God knows my heart; my intentions are good then I should feel comfort knowing that the lord my father knows.

Seconed what I feel; I get turned on when I put on a diaper but after it being on the first couple of minutes it goes away. So long as I don't act on it then it should slowly become a normal thing for me.

Third what about ethics; This one I am still looking into but one thing in my mind is not to change in a stall and to be prepared to others finding out. This will be my biggest obstacle. I don't like the idea because of my mother finding out but I would also hate it if I made teenagers and those who are young struggle because they are trying to gain continence.

Fourth would I be able to be in a christian atmosphere. I think this is an obstacle that will make the final decision. If I get to the point that I have trouble holding it due to my bladder shrinking then I may be better off keeping diapers 24/7. I have yet to decide when and if I am going to go through with going 24/7. My credit cards and my cello come first so I choose to go 24/7 when I can afford it.

To summarize this I would like to say that any Christian who is AB/DL should think about what if your pastor found out. This to me would be most uncomfortable thing in this lifestyle to happen. I ask though; is it really imposable for it to happen?

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