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Important if not vital to understand me

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I am a Christian because of my choice. I ask that if I offend you to come and talk to me about it. I don't think there is anything that can insult me when I have my heart in the right place. I try to keep it there and the only time when I fail miserably is when I am out in the open. I know how I look when I wear My little pony cloths and dark gothic clothing. I even know that many people misinterpret why I wear it. The reason I do is for another post.

When some one insults me outside of the internet I fail tragically sometimes and it is my biggest desire to be able to walk away or when the moment arises turn the other cheek. I know in my heart that it is noted in the bible because when you engage in the argument to defend yourself your actually hurting your reputation. Yes I can answer a question with an honest heart but I wish I could do it without a sour attitude when I am insulted.

I noticed that in the last post I made about Christianity that I had some negative responses. I asked that if you are offended by religion to skip over. To put it simply I am confused. Anger was the last thing that hit me. If it even hit me at all. I know that this can be a heated topic. That is why I never expected those of you who are offended by it to respond.

Like I said there is nothing anyone can do to make me hate them because it is the beginning of a grudge. It is because of what I went through is why I decided a long time ago not to hold another grudge.

Those of you who accept my friendship I make the simple request that you return the favor of being a friend. If I hurt you tell me so I could make you feel better if sorry is not enough. If I offend you talk to me about it so I may clear things up. If I get emotionally lost I ask that you would be there to drop the bread crumbs so I may find my way back home.

Those of you who supported me in my last post; Amen. Amen because you made points that really could not explained very easily. Religion does get in the way of faith. Religion even over complicates things to the point your cutting out the good stuff. If your grandmother always cut off the end of the ham on thanks giving and you do the same you need to know why she does that. I bet she does it because the darn thing would not fit in the pan in the first place. Why cut out the simplicity of Christianity just because some one else did something a certain way? When Jesus said Your faith has healed you to a women who was sick she did not question him she believed. Faith is simple you choose to believe because you made up your mind. You did not do any math or scientific experiment because you have faith.

To end this I ask that you understand that the last thing you I want is to force some one into Christianity. To me that person who I may force into Christianity could never understand the real meaning of what a relationship with Jesus is about. I refuse to put that on my heart. In the most simple words that I could think of is I would never ask any of you to do something that your uncomfortable with.

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  1. caitianx's Avatar
    I am a Deacon of an "Open & Afirming" UCC church, which accepts everyone, unconditionally, which is rare.

    I myself am Christian, an enlightened one...

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