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Halloween time, KKK

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Schools out for a week now, sure is gonna be a few boring days now. My friends is on holiday someplace warm. It's the 25th today, if I'm not mistaken. So I guess me and the buddies who's still in Sweden will go out on town on Halloween and raise some hell. Not like that of course, but we love to dress up in some some rather controvesial cloths and just go on town, to see peoples reaction. We never break any laws, no drinking or anything like that. This year we are planning on making some sorts of KKK robes. I assure you, we will not be breaking any laws or doing anything mean to anybody. We are just a few guys who wanna stick out of the crown.

Other than that, with this girl I love, I won't go in depth with our relationship, but I'll make my move after the break, and I will update here how it went.

Also... I'm gonna get a haircut this tuesday, and thus I will also dye my hair. I guarantee, you will get pics!

Until next time...


  1. Crassi's Avatar
    It's all a matter of each and everyones opinion. People are always negative toward what they do not understand. Once I had an open speech about my (positive) view on communism, got assaulted by a group of people afterwards. Assaulted because I felt that everyone shares the same rights, that is. Alas, your opinion does not match mine since we both have had different experiences in life and what not. We are going to make a stand, and that not for racism, mind you.
  2. satyrical's Avatar
    Then what is the stand going to be for? You're dressing up in the costumes worn by those who have assaulted, killed and terrorized others just because they had different looks or beliefs. The KKK believes in inequality, that some races are superior to others and that the government should enact laws to reflect this. This is the antithesis of communism, where everyone is equal and treated equally.

    Jet, you're a nice guy and clearly a thinker. But dressing up as members of the KKK is not a good idea- it's offensive, and I'd venture so far to say that it could put your safety in danger. It's possible that someone who's had a few too many will see your costume and decide to "take a stand" for himself.
  3. Crassi's Avatar
    I won't go into extreme detail, but we aim to open up peoples eyes regarding the judgement of people. Over a month ago a girl my age was assaulted for dressing in black, and we want to talk about these things. That no one is to be judged by apperance. I know the use of KKK memorabilia is highly controversial, but the actual idea is to make people hate us, so that they can see that they are wrong. Seriously, I can't stand when people judge each other of appearence, and not action.

    We will discuss the use of KKK tomorrow morning. Can you guys give me an idea of something to replace it? Some sort of clothes that can be easily made, and will awaken (negative) reaction.
  4. satyrical's Avatar
    Wanting to get people to talk about appearance and judgment is great and honourable- however, doing it by dressing up as the exact kind of people who harshly judge others based on what they look like is not the way to do it.
    This is not judgment based on appearance, per se; you could wear white pants and a white shirt and white shoes and receive little judgment.

    The reality is that those who put on KKK costumes (outside of Halloween, of course) are consumed in hatred for those of different races and creeds, and everyone knows it- that's why they cast judgment upon seeing the costumes. The second you put on the white robe and hood, you're being judged not for what you're wearing, but what it represents- hatred, intolerance and violence.

    So I would strongly advise against it, as it is entirely counter-productive to what you say you are out to accomplish. No one is going to realize they are wrong to hate you for what you're wearing, mainly because they aren't wrong to hate the KKK. If you want to make a statement, go as a gay couple, or as civil rights advocates (dress up in 60s clothes, carry signs like "End segregation!" "Equality for all!"). It's admirable that you want to make a statement, but just realize that a positive one will go over a lot better- not everyone will understand the point behind a negative one, and will simply think you are exhibiting hatred.

    Unrelated, hope the haircut went well, and I will wait for the pics. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.