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Could life get anybetter?

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Ok perhaps it can. I will get my credit bill paid off in the next month and start saving for a cello. I am planning on extending the period of saving all the way to sometime next spring so that I can get a nicer cello and so that I won break it by trying to play it out in the snow. One slip and that is all it will take to ruin a $3000 cello. I will get a $3000 cello if my plan works. I was going to begin saving but ran into problems when I put a cello case on a credit card and instead of it only being the cello case it was everything else I put on it. I could have it paid off and money in savings by now.

Anyway like I said in the forums I found out that my theory is on the right track. The bible says nothing about being like a baby is a sin. We can only go by the guide lines that the ten commandments gives us. Two that I saw that borderline it is one; no idols which the activity of AB/DL could become if thats all you think about and two; do not lust.

I will be honest I lusted not too long ago and felt guilty about it for what seemed like an hour. I looked at something I should not have. I still regret it but I feel better after listening to Pillar and making my heart humble. To think I have gone so long without looking at porn and fantasized less I feel like this is an accomplishment. I will now work on trying to sexually fantasize less. I am ready to face what this life brings me as a Christian AB/DL.

Another really big thing I am happy about is that I am having a huge breakthrough with my friends computer. He got it for $35 off someone because of major virus issues. After a lot of thought and talking to my friend I decided to wipe out the OS and put Ubuntu studio on it. At first it was having problems but now I am going through one by one fixing them. I also decided to loan him $50 out of my next paycheck to barrow his laptop until he pays me back. Then I will install a fresh OS that should have only the problems that I know how to fix.

The last thing but not the least is I have a great idea to give my book DMS a strong narrative hook. Something I really overlooked and plan on using as a way to lead up to the climax of the story.

The Adisc of friends this is Pebble wishing you the best of luck.


  1. Frogsy's Avatar
    It sounds like things are really looking up for you. Try asking another Christian about the 'do not lust' thing. I think the idols means you'd be literally worshipping, correct? I think diapers as a form of stress relief and pleasure isn't worshipping anymore than flicking on your TV after a long day's work. That's my opinion! Do not lust is a rough one. IMO it would probably mean 'in a way that gets you into trouble' - such as fantasizing about your neighbor's wife, or lusting after a woman while you're married, or lusting in such a way that could lead to unwanted sexual advances on a person. I don't think you're in danger of those kinds of dangerous & immoral behaviors by liking diapers sometimes.

    Really I think it kind of boils down to The Golden Rule. And you're not hurting anyone or yourself by liking diapers. If it gets to some kind of point where someone else or yourself is hurt, then you definitely step back!

    Hope that's helpful in some way. I'm not the best Christian in the whole world but I talk to one a whole lot and that's the general idea I get. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.