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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#5

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It has been a cloudy day today all day.

Only been spending it "indoors".

I have been "working" on a new "self-produced" television program for Derry, New Hampshire Community Public-Access CATV where I am an "unpaid" volunteer Videographer/Producer.

Being an "Autistic Night Owl" and a "late morning riser", it took me an hour to "bunny and crawl on all fours" to check on my Guinea Pig pet "live cuddle friend", "Ernie" to make sure he had plenty of food and water, and to crawl into the bathroom in my mega-flooded nighttime diaper and plastic pants to shower and clean up and then diaper myself and get myself dressed, including my stainless-steel/plastic AFO leg braces.

Most of this day I have been "mute" and unable to utter much in the way of sounds, except for simple soft grunts.

My younger NT (Neurotypical) brother spent the morning away from home, trying to set up freelance photographic "shoots".

Like me, my younger brother who is also a graduate of Wentworth Institute with a nearly identical higher education as myself, had to "give up" a career in the Electronics Industry to care for our late Mother who was chronically mentally-ill for decades.

While working on my latest video production "project", I entertained myself with watching a couple of very old television shows that were in "reruns" when I was a child growing up in the 1960's.

Does anyone "remember" the TV Police Drama, "Highway Patrol", starring "Broderick Crawford"?

Also, what about "The Lone Ranger", starring "Clayton Moore" and "Jay Silverheels"?

These TV shows "appeal to me" as an Autistic, because they are very "Black and White" with respect to "Morality".

"Good" always triumphs over "Evil".

Not like today.

An "aspect" of my own "Diapered" playtime here at home, dressed in my shorts and a t-shirt, is when I am happily mutely playing with my Hasbro, Inc. NERF Toy Guns, in "solitude" in the back yard, "pretend play" act-out scenarios of "Right" versus "Wrong"/"Good" versus "Evil".

"Lately", with my NERF toy guns, I have been "pretending" to be "Agent 007", A.K.A., "James Bond" and "fighting" the "evil" organization, "SPECTRE", the "Special Executive for Crime, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion". I have made several short YouTube videos of myself, playing with my NERF toy guns and waging a "totally pretend", "One Man War" against "Evil".

But, nowadays, and for many, many years, toy gun play and even "thoughts" of toy gun play have been "ruthlessly crushed" by "teachers and other educators".

It is like for the last 40+ years, there has been a "war against the natural childhood play" of real children.

Nowadays, even pointing a finger in the classroom and saying "BANG!!!!!" will get even a Kindergarten-aged child "expelled from school", and logged by the "Police" as a "Violent Criminal Terrorist Act".

Teachers are the "THOUGHT POLICE" for the "GOVERNMENT", and for decades, they have been "turning" children, especially boys into "Scared Shitless Rabbits", all in the name of "peace and security" and "fighting the war on Drugs/Crime".

A child nowadays who comes to school and shows "patriotism" and "loyalty to America" out on the playground is simply "hauled off in a police cruiser in chains and then is sent to the Psychiatric 'Reprogramming' Center" after the City/Town "Combat SWAT Team" "storms the fucking school" after some "gutless" Feminist/HomoNazi Agenda "sissy" whips out a cellular telephone and punches "911", because they do not know how to properly "maintain order in a school classroom", because that child is "doing the right thing" simply for wanting to "act out pretend scenarios" of "good triumphing over evil".

I myself am Gay, and I apologize for my "Homophobic Slur" in my previous paragraph.

Like it or not, we have been in an "Unethical" and "Immoral" Social Engineering Long-Term "Experiment" to "Emasculate and Lobotomize" the minds of primarily "male" children, via "Zero Tolerance Policies" promoted by "totally bogus and junk psychiatric research", which has "no basis in the objective reality of the 'correct' traditional Social Moral Development of male children" who will one-day become (or who have become) fully-grown male Adults.

I am Autistic, I have Cerebral Palsy too, and I play every single day with "toy guns", not the "real thing", and sure as Hell, I am no wacked out homicidal maniac.

I am "no sissy" either, and I do know the difference between "Right and Wrong"/"Good and Evil", and "Fantasy versus Reality".

Well, time for me to go "shoot the living shit" out of "pretend" evil-doers with my NERF Toy Guns here in the back yard, while it is still "not raining"...


  1. kennyrallen's Avatar
    The lone Ranger started out of Detroit as a radio show, staring Clayton Moore. He is from Lake Orion in Michigan.

    We who still play with toys can enjoy life more better, even toy guns.

    Toys are toys and shouldn't have any gender applied to them.
  2. oleman72's Avatar
    I remember when all the cowboy and Indian programs on radio went to TV in the early 50's. I listened to most of them on radio and then watched
    them on TV. I also remember Highway Patrol plus all of the other cops and robbers shows.
  3. caitianx's Avatar
    A lot of the stuff I watched in childhood, when my mentally-ill Mother let me, I can only find on DVD to watch.

    Did you know, that the TV Show "Gunsmoke" lead acting part, that of Marshal Matt Dillon was originally offered to "John Wayne".

    @ the beginning of the very first episode, John Wayne introduces the show and star, "James Arness", Peter (Graves) Arness's "older brother in real life". - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.