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My new collar (And how to make your own for $5)

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I FINALLY have a nice new collar to wear! The best part is, I made it myself for less than $5 and it fits me (and my style) perfectly without spending $60 for a custom made one. Wanna make your own leather collar for $5? Here's how!
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what you'll need
an old (non-braided) leather belt
Studs, spikes, and other decorations (optional)
a metal D ring that matches the finish on your belt buckle
Hot Glue and a glue gun
some plush fabric
a cordless drill, or better yet, a leather hole punch.

Step 1: Cutting and fitting
Take the belt and wrap it around your neck to see how long you need to cut it. or better yet, if you have another collar that fits you, use it as a template.
Cut the belt to length, and then figure out where your adjustment holes need to be for your buckle. Use either a drill or a leather hole punch to make your adjustment holes. try on the collar and make sure it fits comfortably. Add more adjustment holes if you want to be able to wear it with a fursuit head. last but not least, add your D-ring to the front of the collar so you can attach your tag.

Step 2: Comfort and decoration
If you want to add some bling to your collar, you can get several kinds of studs and spikes from Hot Topic or your local leather shop. you can also order them online, but the shipping costs more than the spikes. be sure to get the ones with screw backs on them. simply drill some small holes and put your spikes or studs where you please.
AFTER you finish adding your decorations, add a bit more comfort to your collar by cutting a strip of the fabric to make a soft liner. It is best to cover up the back of the D ring with the fabric as it will keep your ring centered. Simply hot glue your fabric in place.

And you're done!

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