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Good things come in threes.

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But for every 3 good things... there are 3 bad things to follow.

So last night I posted my spiel about Lee Evans, Fall Out Boy, and getting the night off work. There's my 3 good things.

About half an hour after posting that very spiel, the cable between the ac supply adapter and my laptop started to overheat - and melt!

So I now have no laptop, considering the battery lasts about 5 minutes.

This morning my replacement phone (got my last one stolen) came through the post. Chuffed as anything till I got home and saw that it wasn't even close to new. In fact, it's in a worse state than the one I lost.

So there's my first two bad things... but today I went out and bought fireworks just for the banter while my parents are away for the weekend.

This evening is going to be interesting...


  1. Dash's Avatar
    Well... having spent 50 on fireworks... it was a really windy night so the fuses wouldn't stay lit _

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