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Bento: Tuna Inarizushi and Peaches

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This bento was rather rushed and ill-put together, since I'm due over at my mom's and I'm running behind. So it was a "What does Pax have in the pantry?!" lunch.

-Half a tin of Inarizushi-no-Moto (Kroger had a bunch of them in the Manager Special bin last week for $1.25 Vs $4.99/can - so I grabbed several.)
-Eden Shake rice seasoning (B&W sesame seeds, shiso leaf, and nori)
-Rice Vinegar
-Minute rice single serving cup (I wouldn't normally use this but I was in a hurry)
-One foil packet of Starkist Tuna
-Soy sauce fishy x2

Normally, you're supposed to fold them over and place seam-side down. I couldn't though because the filling is too loose (since its not a proper Inarizushi), but I don't mind - its still tasty.

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  1. Starfox's Avatar
    Minute rice... tsk tsk. And no ginger, how can you call it a bento without some pink slices?

    The rest sounds delic though, do you do deliveries? *grin*

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