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Bourbon and Brown Sugar

Here's to You! (and you should follow ADISC on Twitter)

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Yes, as many of you have noticed by the little notifier that pops up, ADISC is on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account that you use to communicate with other AB/DLs, please give us a follow and tweet around our posts! Some of the small stuff being done on Twitter:

> Answering small support related questions throughout the community

> Featuring popular threads and articles. Other support related material.

> Some site Updates

*Please note Twitter is not a substitute for getting in touch with staff or resolving site related issues you have. Those issues needed to be directed through PMs to staff or a Requests thread. Not everything is addressed site wide through Twitter.


I watched this video today and it reminded me just how much of an impact one person can make, even in small efforts. It really re-energized me as of late watching someone make such a difference through something as public transit.

I think members should take notice they do make a difference in helping their fellow AB/DLs here, even in just small things from listening to someone's story to just saying "I know exactly what you mean!"

So pat yourself on the back for making a difference, no matter how small.

If you have a story related to this, leave a comment.


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