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Reading the recent posts I noticed that some people feel like AB/DL ruined their life. First of all I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the honesty. It is an Eye opener to where people can end up forgetting who they are.

I have not been on in a while due to the fact that I have been busy and been thinking about who I am at the same time. MLP has been one of the biggest things that has helped me learn from mistakes in the past. I had problems accepting the truth that I hang out with the wrong crowd. At the same time I ran people off with my bad habits that make communication hard.

I am not saying that I am leaving but I want to be sure that this is going to be good for me to have moments here and there to have child like activities. Having my Pinkie pie in my life has helped me cope with stress and broken relationships. I will always have that to fall back on. With this said I am trying to prepare myself for when a stuffed animal is not enough.

I sent a request to the Adult babies and faith to try and see if I can learn all I can from those who are Christian and AB/DL too. I have not gotten a reply from them yet and it has been a while. I need a place to see my words because that is when I understand them the best. In my faith I need to be prepared for when the storms come because I can't just run and hide under a blanket.

Thunder is perhaps the hardest part. Knowing when it is headed my way is scary. Lightning is a bright light that stuns my ability to see. I will never be overtaken but there will be times that I am broken. If I rely on a foundation built on sand I will have to rebuild from the very beginning. There is no perfect ground and I will have to cope one way or another.

Truth is; being grown up is required to make hard decisions. Knowing when to face them is the wisdom that holds my home together. There are times when I need to regroup my abilities and those are the times when I have to tell myself that it will be OK. If that involves AB/DL then I choose to do it but I can't let AB/DL be an escape because the only escape is my home.

Weather there is a life after death or not I need to have faith. So long as I breath air I am going to go through trials. I may be a Christian but there is more to it then the label. I do not expect anyone to decide on a religion lightheartedly and I ask that you think about where you stand because that is what I am facing right now. How far is too far and where is my escape? I ask you think about this because there are times you need to slow down and listen to what is around you. If Christianity is not for you then choose something that keeps you from falling apart. I will answer any question you have about my religion but please understand that I am not looking for a debate.

I choose to not force my belief on anyone but I ask that you have something that you can grasp when you need it. I also ask that you do not criticize me for my answers. If you ask a question that I feel needs to be answered at another time I will tell you.

The worst thing that I face at times is realizing that my enemy is suffering and it hurts me beyond reason when I see it. My Boss got fired and the assistant got fired today. My closest friend got the brunt of the hit and was fired for her decisions she made. I have no ill will toward anyone least of all my worst enemy. So I ask that because of what I said in this blog that you understand. In conclusion I ask that you don't decide on how you live your faith because of how I live but because of my faith that I have.

Your little Brony Pebble


  1. kennyrallen's Avatar
    To let you know Leo is OK now. There were other things going on with him , just not being AB/DL. He thought he was no good because he wasn't like other people his age. He was in a very dark place none of us want to be in. Why am I not like this. Why don't I fit in. these thing can eat away at people.

    I do wish you luck in life. You seem to want to make a big change in your life and I hope the best for you.
  2. Adventurer's Avatar
    Hey Pebble,

    I think I understand where you're coming from. Being a Christian and an AB was tough for me for a long time, and still is sometimes. I think it's totally possible to do both, and something that us Christian ABs should try for, since our AB desires aren't likely to go away. It took me a long time to reconcile the two, but it's possible to do both, and can be wonderful!

    The question, I think, is what's most important to you? If it's God, you can be an AB without any conflict. But if diapers become more important than God, that's a sign to take a step back. Try and put some limits on your AB expression. This is important to do in any case! It's all about balance - not letting your AB side take over, but not shutting it out.

    In the end, I think diapers can help us as we serve God. In my case, they remind me not to pass judgement on others, because I'm "different" in my own way. Amnd they're a way for me to relax and refresh! They can be wonderful, of used in moderation.

    If you ever want to talk or have questions, send me a PM anytime. I hope you can find some peace in this!
  3. kerry's Avatar
    That is a fantastic answer, Adventurer!

    I may not be Christian, but I can definitely understand the conflict that you are going through, Pebble. You need to remind yourself at all times that you are not alone in it; almost everyone in here has at one point or another faced a similar crisis in his or her life, whether it was about God or something else. Diapers tend to force us to face ourselves and make judgements. But when on is Christian and the conflict involves one's obligations to God, that conflict takes on dimensions that most of the rest of us may have no personal experience with.

    The one thing you always need to remember is that your relationship with the Almighty is not something that depends up your relationship with diapers. They are two very separate things, separate aspects of your Self that need not interfere with each other. God makes no judgement about diapers unless you see them as some kind of false idols. If you place them before Him--as Adventurer noted--then you need to reshuffle your priorities. But from what you have said, you are not likely to do that.

    God is a source of strength and enlightenment. He is spirit and joy and truth. Diapers are...pleasure. They are relief. They are escape. They are not the same at all, and they do not overlap. I agree with Adventurer also that the fact that you enjoy them may serve as a reminder to you never to pass judgement on others, which God said is His alone to do. How can anyone judge another for his or her "differences" when this kind of secret is being harbored?

    I wish you great luck in coming to better understanding of your faith and how you will reconcile it with your love of diapers. Take Adventurer up on his offer if you need it. I do not know him personally but I have been assured by a mutual friend that he is wonderful to talk to. I'd be happy to talk as well, but a fellow Christian and someone your own age might be a better choice.
  4. Paddedwolf's Avatar
    Hi Pebble I am a christian as well. I ask god to help me as often as I can. I have had many issues trying to figure out if my AB/DL actions were true to god's word. This has been bugging me for ever. I have asked manythings such as to try to escape the desiers and to quit all together. This was all before I joined here. I found many other christians here and now I feel a little better, but it has still not answered everything. I leared recently from a 2nd cousin that I recently met in person over the summer and he told me to thank god for everything and to give him credit when ever possible. To actively have god with you the better you will live. I hope to have an equilibreum soon, but for now I'm still confused with myself. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.