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A Teen that was kicked out...

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I Must bring this up... You can ignore it or what But I/us all of us were teens at one point... we were lost in the world we call diaper lovers... This place is called adisc right? SC Support community, Isnt that right? So you kicked the group thats the most confused.. the lost that needs help... the ones that dont know who they are.. why they like what they like... they want support... I wanted support... But you kicked it out from my feet... I feel into a deep.. deep depression.. I felt like a freak.. I felt out of place I didnt know where to turn for help... so I went to where I could feel at home... another diapered community... some where that follows the Dont ask dont tell policy... Your under 18 dont tell us we'll kick you.. if not meh... So I went there.. I found friends... I found help... I found SUPPORT... This is no adisc... its just adi... thats it... You dont support the ones that need it.. If your this old and havent gone nuts or still push this stuff away... then your fine.. You dont need support.... Im sorry for the rant... But I was broken when i was kicked.. I think this will be my first post as I come back.. and most likely the last... 18... I learned my love for this when I was 15.. some earlier... so They should just stumble around confused? lost? Torn? Thats how I felt till I found this place... and after I was kicked... Im sorry... I bet you've heard tons of these rants... So.. sorry...


  1. egor's Avatar
    This sounds like an unfortunate situation.

    I am relatively new to this site, however because of some of the content I am sure there is liability issues that forced the administrations hand to enact a age limit rule. I have seen several people that have came back on there 18th birthday and are happy to return.

    When you turn 18 I am sure you would also be welcomed back.

    As for your feelings of hurt and confusion might I suggest that you contact a crisis hotline. They are listed in the phone book. Plus they can help find a provider that will work on an ability to pay fee if that is what is needed. If you have been on here then you already know that you are not a lone.
  2. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    please stay, conan....
    i remember you from before.
  3. ShortGuy's Avatar
    So sad to hear you feel that way!
    Many, many teens feel lost or out of place, just trying to find their place in life.

    I get why fitting in is such a big deal in a teens life, but the adult me, have reconciled that if noone is going to love me, I have to love my self.
    Self preservation is key.

    We are many years apart, but still....
    Please stay around to discover your likes/dislikes and perhaps know yourself a bit better.

    I know that my words are strange/weird but take no comfort from getting older, life is just getting more complicated and confusing the older you get

  4. MarcusBear's Avatar
    Period period period!
  5. kibawolf's Avatar
    I understand your pain, and as you said we were all there at one point, however in our community as in life some things are not fair and unfortunatly the few can ruin it for the many. Many outside of our community dont understand us and the few that did are being taken away. i would rather have the teens come back when they are of age and welcome them with open arms and make amends then to have those who dont understand shut us down completly. I am also sad to say this is not just a ab/dl/tb/df issue, furries go through this and the lbgt community as well. i pray for a day when this is no longer the case but for now it is better than not having anything for support or to look forward too. I hope that you dont hold this against us as individuals but put the blame where it belongs . Take care buddy and lots of hugs and wish you a safe journey in the adventure that is life.
  6. conan's Avatar
    @Egor You dont know the pain of being kicked out of a loving community.

    @ShortGuy I never learned to love myself might not ever... Didnt you have questions? Questions like Why do I like this? why me? why, why, why... Those teens need those answers and the first people they turn to is their parents since the internet doesnt want them... and their parents dont know the answer either so they send them to therapy they dont have the answers they want to get rid of it... So im sorry if Teens need more help then adults... adults have made it farther in life they've learned to only care about they're own opinion...

    @marcusDaBear Sorry Cant help it, bad English and such

    @Kibawolf Its hard when your all three... Im Bi, a babyfur which also means a diaper lover
  7. BinkyBoi's Avatar
    Conan, I know how you feel. I felt confused and when I stumbled here when I turned 16, I found support. I met so many new friends back then. Unfortunately the 18+ change affected so much. I was already in a purge when it happened so I hadn't been on here months beforehand. When I found out I was devastated that I lost or would be losing so much of my old friends. Luckily for me my 18th birthday was 3 months after the change, but it was still a long wait.

    There's no need to be angry at anyone on this site. Us, the mods, or admins. They had to do what they had to do. Instead of being angry and quitting we can do so much! I already knew basic HTML before the change but I have been teaching myself even more because I would like to start a teen baby forum that is sister to this site. Every morning, day, and night, I constantly think about those teenagers who are in need of support and know that my project is too far off to save people. So my advice is don't get angry. Instead, peacefully think of a solution and get involved in actively helping those who need help. I would gladly love to join the site you mention and have a dual membership both there and here. Just don't leave ADISC. You have so much passion and potential to help those in need.
  8. kibawolf's Avatar
    @ conan it is hard and yes i know the stress , im trans, bi and a babyfur/ab, and a caretaker.
  9. Marka's Avatar
    It was quite simply...'out of our hands' conan!

    I could attempt to go into all the 'why's and wherefore's" however, if you're genuinely interested in doing a 'postmortem' on the sweeping exclusion (because it really wasn't a disciplinary, or subjective 'BAN')...there's as many ways, that I can think of, that address the situation...the considerations...the fears of many of us for and against the move. It's all in here! You're not the sole mourner, nor the sole-'victim' of these necessitated-circumstances! You are also not, nor have you been of any lesser value to us!

    Some of us may feel compelled to [i]react[/i] to your expressions of torment...because some of us already felt so poorly about it then, and feel guilty, and ashamed still...and then to see your pain, and bewilderment now. Sort of a 'survivors-guilt' amongst other feelings...

    Times have were fortunate enough to had any opportunity here in the first were afforded to have 'loved and lost, than to never have loved'...and we loved, and lost you! There's likely not a single one of us, that were genuinely see any of you gone. Reluctantly...we had to reconcile with the facts that were presenting in this ever more quickly changing environment.

    In an analogy of sorts...'We' had to give you up for adoption, unfortunately the adoption agencies were keep you as we wished, was to ensure the loss of you...and us...terminally!

    We might well not have still been here for you to anguish at, and also have the opportunity for you to reconcile, and perhaps help the other 'lost-ones'...

    I'm not going to 'tell' you how to come to terms with your emotions about this...I'll just offer, that as you work through this (and I hope that you will!)'ll grow, and bloom, yet again...not for my sake...that I'll feel better, if you just get all better...

    ...but, because you can do much good with this! ...especially, if you don't do like I did...and spend far too much time in turmoil...than what was really necessary...

    How much time you grieve, varies by the does how you grieve...but the amount of time and energy for likely not infinite...

    Not to 'jinx' anything, or anyone, but conan...what would you be doing now, if ADISC was lost due to natural-disaster, in place of the time of the 18+ only change?? And we just got it rebuilt... but insurance won't allow the -18, due to liability, and we're still so well known around the world...we are under too much scrutiny to risk bringing them all back in...would you rather it all be gone for everyone...period?

    Welcome home Conan! You're of legal age you may come and go here, as you please... You're under 18 friends can't come inside now, but they can peer through the 'windows' and see what's possible for them too...and we'll sneak bits of hope, and love out to them on the front porch...when 'Big-Daddy' pretends he ain't look'n ;-)

    With warmth, and appreciation for your return,
    My best to you!
  10. foxkits's Avatar
    You can help those that find there way back your needed for you understand thing's.
    I,m sorry it happened .
    But laws are getting tuffer look at the uk now .
    Some on here were very upset what happened please dont punish them.
    Good luck I wish you the best.
  11. Trevor's Avatar
    First off, and I've said it before and I'll probably say it again: I'm really sorry about this. I don't agree with the way that it was done (a big part of why I resigned from staff) but I'm also surprised it didn't need to be done sooner than it was. It certainly wasn't out of meanness or a desire to hurt you or others. I think it was the best bad decision that might have reasonably been made.

    You were treated badly but no one has a monopoly on pain, frustration, and loss. As bad as this was, at least you had some helpful direction before getting tossed out. I worry as much or more for those who didn't and won't even get that much. I managed to get through it on my own but it was hard going with a lot of wasted self-loathing time and I think sparing as many others as we could was a noble calling.

    As it stands, it's a rotten thing that probably needed to be done, and the only thing we can do now is try to go along as best we can. People still need help and ADISC does help people. I'm sorry we can't do it during some pretty rough years but 18+ will be better than helping no one at all, and that really was the risk we were looking at.

    Please don't take this as an argument, just more of an explanation. You've got every right to feel angry, hurt, betrayed, and undervalued. It's one of the unfortunate side effects of when people do things that hurt you. Forgiveness is likely to be the most helpful thing you can do for yourself. Nursing that hurt is natural but letting go of it allows you to heal.
  12. kennyrallen's Avatar
    I think it was done as a way to protect teens form creeps. I have seen a lot of creeps on other site looking for pray. Protecting our younger ones is impotent.
  13. Trevor's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by kennyrallen
    I think it was done as a way to protect teens form creeps. I have seen a lot of creeps on other site looking for pray. Protecting our younger ones is impotent.
    While that may be the ultimate reason, it's not the true one. It is ultimate in the sense that due to our society's paranoia with any adult/minor interaction, the social risk to maintaining such a site was very high, i.e., the risk that some hysterical parent might try to bring action against the site and/or staff for "corrupting" their child was real. The way society deals with that renders it almost unimportant whether there is any fault to be had as there could easily be publicity and lost jobs and ruined lives as a result. We went to great effort to keep ADISC safe. While no place is absolutely safe, I think ADISC was as safe a place for teens as could reasonably exist. It is a sad thing that this would not be appreciated by society at large.
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  14. Albasion's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by kennyrallen
    I think it was done as a way to protect teens form creeps. I have seen a lot of creeps on other site looking for pray. Protecting our younger ones is impotent.
    If you ask me, the risk that a minor on ADISC would come into contact with a creep who could do a considerable amount of damage to him or her, isn't nearly as great as the risk that a minor would kill himself over being banned from the only possible outpost for feelings he's been struggling with since forever. People, especially in the USA, are so goddamn scared of pedophiles that you'd think there's absolutely nothing worse that could happen to children than receiving some random creepy message from an older guy. Newsflash, there is. It annoys me to no end that people are so short-sighted over stuff like this, and they all say the same, like parrots, without even thinking once what truly matters to them and the rest of the world. No angsty autistic 15-year-old TB/DL is going to thank the national neonazi-like internet police for 'protecting' him from all the 'creeps' like this.

    Moo knows this. I can believe that he didn't have any choice legally and therefore I don't really blame him, but it still sucks royal donkey dick.

    (also, this is probably the first time I've reacted to a blog with more than one or two sentences, which makes me think that it probably shouldn't have been a blog)
  15. Geno's Avatar
    I'm sorry the policy change went down the way it did and the impact it had on you. It is good to see you back though and that you are doing well. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.