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Music lessons

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I got home like near 11pm yesterday so I thought I would write it today before I go to work.

Yesterday I got up at 3:45am due to a storm. I am not scared of storms as much as I am of the dark. I have the light above my sink in my kitchen on for this reason. I got up to look at the clock and thought about going ahead and practicing cello but I was tired and went back to bed.

I got up around 6:30 I got dressed with my second pair of overalls and a pull up diaper underneath as I was planning on getting picked up by my mother for a long day. I grabbed my book bag and could not seem to find my sewing bag so I figured I left it at work yesterday.

Work went by fast because of being on tape the majority of the day. I got to talk to some of my trustworthy friends outside in the smoke area. It was just us and the rain was hitting the roof of the smoke area pretty hard so people far off probably could not hear. I told them I started to wear diapers 24/7.

I told them my reason was because I want to quit the diaper fetish. I have not told them about me being AB/DL yet. They actually thought it was really cool that I would go to the extremes to be who I want to be. What I told them was the truth but I don't think it would have been good to tell them everything just yet.

One of them I talked to said he would read my writing. I am coming up with a story about a pony from friendship is magic that becomes IC and AB.

After work my mother picked me up and to my surprise she did not figure out that I was wearing a diaper. I think she would have told me she knew. We headed to my first music lesson with my piano teacher and she seen that I started to wear overalls but I don't think she knew I was wearing diapers either.

I had to sit in the small room outside her piano room for what seemed like an hour because my mother had to pick up the families dog from the groomers. Then we head off to the city. When we got to the city we were already running behind and we were lucky my cello teacher did not cut my lesson short. I sit on a stool that is used to reach stuff on high shelves. Can't think of what itís called at the moment.

My cello lesson is an hour long but despite the hard surface of what I was sitting on my lesson goes by fast. I have been practicing hard and that was what she noticed that I improved. She mentioned she usually starts her students with tape on the neck of their cello and usually most students still have tape on their cello but I did not need tape. I used stickers in the beginning but I focused on learning how to hit the right note.

I focused a lot more on hitting the notes correctly then reading the music and in the morning I would have a tuner on a chord since my cello is an electric and I would practice just doing scales while hitting the notes correctly. This past month of July I practiced with the bow and got through my music book and to my surprise was simpler than I thought it would be. I practiced from the book but before I would run into problems trying to hit the right notes. I would hit a note perfect pitch but the wrong note or I would just get too caught up in the proper time.

I have been practicing what I already knew on piano to site read better and I think that is what helped me read music better. You can ask me almost anything about theory but my site reading was poor.

Sorry for the long blog entry and sadly canít write an end note since I need to get going to work. Hope you guys enjoyed my blogs so far.

Young heart Pebble

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